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Dragon Boat Festival with Sunshine and Sweet Home

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sweet home

This past Dragon boat festival has leaving me a lot of happy moments and impressions. Three days off work, off the pressure, to stay with mom and dad, nowhere to go, just focusing on food and drink and sleep well.

Life is simple and happy. The spreading H1N1 flu horror has made lots of people changed their mind to go travelling somewhere in this short 3 days holiday. The airlines to some countries abroad is nearly closed up, such as Japan or Mexica.

I see no time better than staying with my family, since I really don’t stay with them too often after graduating from university and work in a different city, not far from home, but meet mom and dad less and less in a year. I nearly forget how my moms recipe tastes like. I quite like the fish dish she made.

When I at home, I keep a close look at our vegetable garden and found it very interesting, plus, I taken a few shots through Micro Lens model, turns out quite nice pictures.

Poem to the Soul: Face the Ocean with Spring Blossoms

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by Hai Zi 海子

From tomorrow, be a happy man
Feeding horses, chopping woods, traveling around the world
From tomorrow, care for food and vegetables
I have a house, facing to the ocean, flowers blossoming in spring

From tomorrow, write to every daring family member
Tell them my happiness
What the lightening of happiness have told me
I will tell everybody

Get a warm name for every river every mountain
Stranger, I bless you too
Bless you a great future
Bless you be with your lover
Bless you receive happiness in your mortal life

And me, I want to face to the ocean, with flowers blossoming in spring

Such a beatiful poem. Pity that Hai Zi is passed away. Have blessings in your mind, slow down your life rythem and spend more time with your beloved family members.

Get away from all those intrigues against each other in life and work. Escape from all life’s trouble. “I have a house, facing to the ocean, flowers blossoming in spring”

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