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How to Keep a Nice Sleep Quality

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I figure many people would have the same problem concerning sleepquality at night, having trouble getting good sleep through the night (i.e. tossing, turning, waking up more than once), it seems that a peaceful night’s slumber is so hard to get. But there is a few tips which might be helpful.

Get on schedule. Your internal “biological clock”matters. Varifying your get bed time too often may get your body tired by adjusting to different routine. So try to keep the same time, for say, at 11pm, to get to sleep each night, no matter it’s weekend or not.

Be mindful of what you have eaten or drank before bed. A too full or too empty stomach would both interrupt your sleep. Keep a 3 hours time for the food to digest and avoid spicy food or spirit lifting drink like coffee or alchol.

Keep the room dark. Totally black is the best, but sometimes it’s hard to achive this. Since we many have some little light on the router or we need to light a mosquite killing light. My suggetion is cover them up with a cloth or something.

Change your sleeping position. Pick whatever position that makes your feel cosy and comfortable but just avoid totally down turn.

Exercise: Do some sort of exercise everyday may help your sleep greatly, like swiming, jogging…..

Healthy lifestyle may changed your life.

How to Clean Out the Toxic in Your Body

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clean out the toxic in your body

We are now living in a toxic world, with food safety problem always poping out, with car gas release everywhere, anytime, with green trees frequently been replaced by cold buildings, with chemical made products coming in our daily life, with …….

What we can do is to limit the harm, reduce the intake of the toxic elements into our body, and find a better way to clean them out.

1, The best way is to keep a good sleeping habit. Sleeping is a process of toxic expelling and do it naturally by your body. 11pm is said to be the fit time to get to bed in the darm room.

2, Eat more green vegetalbe and various fruits, whether it’s oganic or not, it still can helps you clean out some toxic out.

3, Drink enough water, so it helps your body takes out more bad trash.

4, Being in the green nature more, that’s where you can breath the fresh air. Raise some plants in your home or surroudings.

5, Use your car less, do something to protect our envionment.

The Less Time You Sleep, The Shorter You Live

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Sleep quality is quite an important factor to our overall health, which is known by all of us. While seldom anyone follows the suggested lifestyle in the modern city now. The night life seems more  vivid than the days and we don’t leave enought time for our body to have a good rest for the next day’s work or study.

The suggested sleeping hours is 8 hours, and it’s said that, the less you sleeped everyday, your life will be shorted for quite a few days one year. Sounds a little horrible, but it maybe the reality. Even we know all its harm, it’s more easily said then done. Since in the morden big cities like shanghai, it’s very common to spend 1-2 hours in the morning to work place, so if you can into deep sleep in the eleven clock in the night, you can barely sleep up to 8 hours if you have to get up in the morning at 7 clock, for many people, the occasion maybe more worse.

So what about sleep more early at 10 clock ? It’s really hard, since when we get home, it’s nearly 7pm (that’s for my case), and you have to eat supper, do some chores like washing clothing……., the 3 hours during  7- 10 is finally belongs to yourself after a long tiring work, you have more other things to attend to besides sleep.

In spite all the excuse, I have made my mind to sleep more eary in the night for my health matter. To keep a nice sleeping quality, I try to keep my room air more fresh. So I would bought some green plants to my home. I wonder what a great sleeping experience if you can sleep in a room in a beaufiful garden with fresh air.

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