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  • Published: Jul 13th, 2012
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Backyard Design, Facing the Sea

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I wish I woke up to this every morning.  I want this to be my backyard! I dream of this all the time!!


Only one more dream, waves, big waves for surfing. When you have a house facing the sea like this, how would you design your backyard?

Take me there, I feel like to be on the road again.

Hiking in Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon

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Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon is a very famous spot in huangshan, which counts for 80% of the total entrance ticket value. But if you are going with the travel group organized by the traval agency, you would totally miss the opportunity of hiking in xihai grand canyon, since it requires lots of time and patience, so travel agency don’t want to do this project. It’s only you do a self-help travelling that you can enjoy the real beauty of Huangshan.

There is a saying goes like: if you don’t come to xihai west sea grand canyon in huangshan, then you are coming to huangshan in vain.

Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon also commonly referred to as the Magic Scenic Area, is one of the most beautiful sites on Huangshan Mountain. Recently hiking trips through this canyon has becoming extremely popular. The hiking route for hiking through the Xihai Grand Canyon follows a “V” shaped route. The two entrances of this tour, the Walking Fairyland Bridge in the south and the Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion in the north, have an elevation of 1320 and 1430 meters above sea level respectively, while the elevation of the canyon’s lowest point, the Tianhai, north of Walking Fairyland Bridge, is just 600 meters above sea level. Beginning at either of the two entrances, a hike through the Xihai Grand Canyon is 9.6 kilometers long and takes approximately four hours. Starting at the entrance, hikers travel downhill deeper into the canyon.

Once reaching the Tianhai (Haixin Pavilion), the lowest point of the hike, visitors will then begin to ascend until reaching the exit. Hiking the Xihai Grand Canyon is a bit of an adventure, so visitors are suggested to pace themselves and walk at a comfortable pace.

Standing High to Enjoy Green Mountain View

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standing on higher ground

I was feeling quite upset by life’s trivals recently, added that the work pressure is heavier than ever. Sometimes it made me hard to breath, I gotta run away for a short time, to let it go.

My sentimental feeling was killing me, mom encourage me to look at the brighter side and she sees nothing serious for me to be upset about. What I need is to close to nature to relieve the stress a little bit, the big city got so fast living rythem and it’s been a while that I haven’t climbed mountains and do the real outdoor green adventure thing.

Climb the mountains, standing high to see better view and broaden your mind. Just like the following  lyric goes like:

Standing on higher ground,
I see the world, And I’m looking from a high place,Way above it all,
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air, While they’re running in a rat race,Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

Stop Being Sentimental, Brace Outdoor Life

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sentimental girl, gray mind

What you do with a sentimental heart ?

It’s annoying and even though I know it’s bad, I just can’t stop my mind being such a mess at most cases. Girls are not meant to be sentimental, I was not born like this, is hard life got me like this? Maybe….Life is too hard. I overestimated my indendent ability.

Or is that I’m not so confident or optimistic when things are not going so smoothly, following the way I want.

Taking it hard just like you knew I would. I recently found a great way to cure this psychological problems,so easy, just to be enjoy outdoor life more, not just staying at home at most times,  missing all those happy moment that are bound to happen outdoor with your friends or strangers.

You may got this feeling that when you go travelling in some green green mountain area or garden area, with those fresh air you breathing, you will soon forget the trouble in your life for a moment and your brain may not be that dizzy at all.

So the crue is to let your heart be green and close to nature.

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