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Coolness One in a Thousand in Summer After Eclipse

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Never thought there would be such coolness during the hot summer. Is it for the eclipse happened the other day ?  According to the calendar, it’s the hottest times for the whole summer, but we are enjoying the coolness now, even need to cover in quit during the night sleep. A week before, the day is so hot with tempreture supassing human body tempreture, so this coolness is rare and hard to come by. Bitter sumer is up coming.

The day when the Eclipse happened, the weather suddenly going down, and seems no coming back to the original until now :) So great. I would save a lot electricity bill after 10 days of no using the air-condition.

The coolness is definitely one in a thousand in a city which is said to be the hot melt in summer, too hot to endure at most time.

Open the window at night, cool breeze coming by, deep sleep, nice feeling the next day.

Natural Wonder – Eclipse in Nanjing

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Bad weather on this special day, there is stormy rainy days since yesterday afternoon in Nanjing. No Eclipse, which is chance of million, has been veiled with heavy clouds and dampened in rain. What a centurial disappointment!

Now the magic moments has gone, the day has been bright again, with rain for sure. I have not been totally disappointed since there is 15 minutes black outside, that’s something big too, and I sensed the temperature going down outside.

It must let down those elipse fans who are coming to nanjing Gaochun district to observe this natural wonder, hardly seeing anything with the clouds so heavy. I was anxious to get home to watch the TV show about this Eclipse, I wonder what is looks like and if there is anything special happended in the world.

Eclipse in Nanjing is ruined by rain, so pity.  But the good thing is, we will have a cool sense of feeling tonight, not that hot anymore.

Eclipse, I will not got the chance to meet you again in my life.

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