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Our Mountain Bike Get Rest for too Long

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We haven’t get around to cycling for a month now, and the biggest reason is the weather, too hot to take exercise outside. I decide that if the weather condition permits this weekend, we would take the electric bike and montain bike together outdoor to the “Jiangxinzhou” area in Nanjing to pick grapes, that should be interesting enough.

To eat the so-called organic village cooking dish and taste so many different kinds of grape and pick our favourite….just imaging how happy it would be.

I hope the weather would be just cool as these days. Otherwise, the plan will definitely be ruined and we will have another boring weekend staying at home watching horrific movie.

I put the montain bike to the empty little room and leave the living room tidy, I hope he bought this expensive mountain bike not for an impulse and really use it for keep health reason.

Bicycle + Garden Plants = Going Green

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Global warming seems to be extending its evil claw to our daily life. Today I even heard the terrible news from newspaper that one polar bear is swimming to death since it can’t find a complete land after several hours trying. Sounds horrible.

Going green seems to be the only solution to the problem of Global warming. To go green we ” the Humans” need to change our habits. Using bicycle to commute instead of polluting through energy consuming vehicles along with growing as many plants as possible can make a great difference to save this planet!

Don’t just blame, do something. Using bicycles can also has the bonus effect of loosing weight and good to health. Growing plants also can make our living enviroment better and nicer. So why not?

Is Your Transportation Vehicle Go Green

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We all like to take about how our surrouding environmen is been polluted and complained about where has the fresh air gone. But do we stop and ask ourselves ? Is our life go green ? Have we limited the time we use our car or any other wheeled vehicles that emits exhaust gas ?

What we could do is so easy and sounds trivial, but “Many a little makes a miracle“. As for me, I brought in a new electric bike recently, it’s such a convenient transportation choice, added its speed can be up to 30km/h, that’s enough if you only got around the city area within 20 kilometers.What it consumes is only electricity power, no gas at all.

You should say, the best way would be a mountain bike, why bother the electric bike :) You know, sometimes, girls are lazy, let alone when there is time with hungry stomach.

So use your car less, join the bike clan, whether it’s an electric bike or mountain bike. It can helps you losing weight at a bonus.

Hey, I Go Cycling on Last Sunday

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Sunday is a beautiful day with beautiful mood. I figure it’s a great time to go cycling in the Xuanwu Lake park. The sun is a bit severe, but I’m not afraid of the sun radiation at all. I got sun cream and we designed a great road line where the streets is all covered with green trees, so no sunshine at all.

The road line is generally go like this: The Shitoucheng park – The West Beijing Road- The Chengxian streets – Xuanwu Park – Back home

God, I feel so happy to live in a city where the big green trees is everywhere, or else, where would we cycling lovers go to with the sunshine so fierce out there. In the park, we take cycling bike by turns, since we only have one bike, but we have another electrical bike :)   On the road somewhere, we stopped for buying a hammock to lay between the trees to have a cheerful rest, watching dogs and old guys fishing. So nice.

By the way, I love the feeling taht I am swaging in my hammock  like a swing. Life is so beaufiful with a mountain bike.

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