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How Often Do You Go to the Wild Green

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How Often Do You Go to The Wild Green

In the big cities, wild green spot is less and less, in the replace of it, there is so many artificial green spots or gardens. If you got enough time and energy and above all, a wild car, then you are ready to go, to reach the wild nature green area where is far from the cities, maybe hours away.

You would it worth the oil cost you spend and the time driving, cause it’s so great to breath the fresh air, the air without the gas release flavor and the peaceful sound makes your soul calm down.

Some unkown flower or fancy colors may becomes a great picuture in your Cannon 40D and take your time to enjoy.

I have to say, every coin has two sides, and wild area may got some dangerous part to mention you with. After seeing so many horrific movies that talking some werid guy lerking in some wild and far area, do you scare of the faraway wild area ever since then ? Do do not leave the civilization for too far and don’t do to some places even without cellphone signal.

So enjoy your outdoor life in the wild green area.

How to Clean Out the Toxic in Your Body

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clean out the toxic in your body

We are now living in a toxic world, with food safety problem always poping out, with car gas release everywhere, anytime, with green trees frequently been replaced by cold buildings, with chemical made products coming in our daily life, with …….

What we can do is to limit the harm, reduce the intake of the toxic elements into our body, and find a better way to clean them out.

1, The best way is to keep a good sleeping habit. Sleeping is a process of toxic expelling and do it naturally by your body. 11pm is said to be the fit time to get to bed in the darm room.

2, Eat more green vegetalbe and various fruits, whether it’s oganic or not, it still can helps you clean out some toxic out.

3, Drink enough water, so it helps your body takes out more bad trash.

4, Being in the green nature more, that’s where you can breath the fresh air. Raise some plants in your home or surroudings.

5, Use your car less, do something to protect our envionment.

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