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Dream of a Green Neighborhood


More green in the surroundings, well-developed road network. I would buy my parents an apartment. Work hard, live intense.

15 years later, I expect I could join into some interesting affairs, like sell paintings, mount paintings, make some beautiful accessories, or run a flower shop. I could go for walk with my grandson in the park to play Taiji (Chinese kongfu). Blue sky, green land with birds and flowers, exchange chess techniques with friends.

I want to live in a lower than 6 stories building, no high buildings around so nothing would block the sunshine. There is a row of trees in front of the building to enjoy the shade. A sweet-smell comes from roses and clove trees. There would be no traffic jams on the roads, so the kids could get home quickly to have a rest, an 8 hour workday, and no overtime during the holidays; keeping healthy and energetic. Our kids’ kids would go to a school with highly skilled teachers, bright classes with just 30 students, no more crowded classes of 60 students. No dust in the playground.

Urban Residential Area in Green


1. An urban landscape trend
As a living environment of urban areas, we must first understand the district is the request of the tenants, which the living green Landscape best to consider the life and leisure requirements.

Requested by the modern quality of life around the material and spiritual lives of the start, in the material life to meet, gradually enrich the spiritual life today, it will pursue a more healthy, more affinity with their environments. Living green areas, we should consider not only the elements of the United States, but also give full consideration to the district housing the main — the needs of Only by understanding these needs and, starting from this need for the design, necessary for the United States, can be achieved satisfactory results.

Meet for a practical and aesthetic principles district design, and to the “people-oriented” ideology and ideological basis, a people standpoint, from the position to consider comprehensive, in the meantime, reaching people and the natural harmony. And the natural and harmonious development of urban development is a trend now; the future is now for a long time and has its correctness.

In 2002, 0.1 surveyed companies in the country did a market survey: “You want to have the most “Respondents are more than 70% of the people chose health.  Evidently, modern health concerns over the extent of any period in the past.

According to the World Health Organization’s definition of health: “The health of people is referring to the physical, mental, the community has in good conditioning the tremendous work pressure, a monotonous life, Complex interpersonal around to maintain the health of its difficulty. This attention to environmental issues designers should strive to create a more modern suitable living environment, from simple forms of the arts and visual pursuit to get out and pay attention to the human spirit ecological the swap function.

The introduction of natural living areas and the residents of each side, Landscape Architecture, behavior, ecology, Aesthetic theory subjects considered scientific proof, reasonable planning, has provided a good living environment for the district.

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