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Save Electricity to Reduce Life Cost

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The other day, I was surprised by the ecectricty cost we have used in the last two monthes. Apart from the air-condition, we haven’t got any other large electricity consumer in our home.

The life cost is really too high for us to bear, every two month, the water cost 100 RMB, the electricity cost 300 RMB (summer would be more), in fact, we all stay in the office during the day, only use water and electrity during the night, and it has cost so much. No wonder some family which got 4 or more people at home, would cost a lot more, maybe 1000 RMB Every two month.

We should really think about how to save energy from now on, maybe open the air condition and water heater only after 9pm, keep the light out when no one in the room, anyway, life cost is so high in big cities.

Be more green lifestyle oriented, use the air condition less, enjoy natural breeze. Open the window, let the fresh air coming in. Sometimes, no sweat is no good in summer. Sweating is at the same time letting go of the body toxic.

Bring Green Tips with You Through Ipod Green Podcast

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Green Podcast for happy green tips

This “Podcast” thing in itune is amazing. I should say Ipod is so powerful in those additional benifits offered. Beyond listening to music and have a great and ordered management through the Itune, I can also receive cover flow and amazing Podcast program. That’s fantastic.

Someone may hate the itune sofeware offered by iPod, but I like it very much and find it very powerful and practical. Recently I’m starting to use the Podcast function that can helps you make contact to the most danamic engligh sound everyday and anytime anywhere. There so so many free podcast resource, and I chose many intersting ones like the MTV news, the HBO film interview and green tips related podcast that give me ideas about how to living more green and healthy life.

It will be updated very often and I can’t find any other music portable gadadgets in the market that can do a parallel job as iPod did. For someone who wants to improve Engligh and love English songs, iPod is a perfect choice for me.

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