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Stop Being Sentimental, Brace Outdoor Life

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What you do with a sentimental heart ?

It’s annoying and even though I know it’s bad, I just can’t stop my mind being such a mess at most cases. Girls are not meant to be sentimental, I was not born like this, is hard life got me like this? Maybe….Life is too hard. I overestimated my indendent ability.

Or is that I’m not so confident or optimistic when things are not going so smoothly, following the way I want.

Taking it hard just like you knew I would. I recently found a great way to cure this psychological problems,so easy, just to be enjoy outdoor life more, not just staying at home at most times,  missing all those happy moment that are bound to happen outdoor with your friends or strangers.

You may got this feeling that when you go travelling in some green green mountain area or garden area, with those fresh air you breathing, you will soon forget the trouble in your life for a moment and your brain may not be that dizzy at all.

So the crue is to let your heart be green and close to nature.

Peaceful Mind Defense Your Body

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Chinese medical opinions hold that 80% of the body disease comes from bad mood, believe it or not, it’s the way it is. Bad mood may exhaust your Qi (气)and Blood (血)at a more greater extend than you thought. If your Qi and Blood loose too many, disease may come after you. You would also becomes weak and fragile.

Blood terminology

Clinically 4 types of blood disorders are commonly encountered, namely blood asthenia or deficiency, blood stasis, blood-heat and blood-cold.


It’s a Chinese word, it’s hard to describe it, but it’s all the core to chinese herbal medical system. Sometimes, we have to admit the magic of the Chinese medicine and it’s point of views 

Next time, when you are about to get angry, too excited, or too worried, thinks about this harm it willl does to your health, and do some self control of your mood. Sometimes it’s hard, and green natural would help you to do that, so keep a garden or a green plants spot around home is quite important both for views and health.

Be happy, Be smile, Dancing in the wild nature, kiss the flowers in the garden.

Garden is Everywhere if with Good Mood

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I seem to contradict myself by saying this, since I just talked about that only if you got enough money, you could have your own private garden. But this garden got differnet condinations here, the garden I’m now talking about could be a beautiful spot in the next corner you are taking, the amazing tree you pass by around some old old house or some bright flowers with amazing colors that spirits your mood on the road. Those beautiful views or spot could all be gardens in your heart.

Garden is everywhere if with good mood, it’s green in your eyes. Even you live in a very small house, barely could breath, you could still design your house with plants and green colors. You can still got natural smell to it. Every little grass or flowers could make big changes. It can also make people passing by happy.

Private gardens don’t need to be big and luxury, if you invest your heart and love. Private garden also lives in your heart with a positive mind.

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