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Summer too Hot to Endure, Global Warming

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global warming

We would say Global Warming has cause this, that’s what we usually say. But why global warming, in fact no one to blame but ourselves. Look us humens, why we use the air-condition so frequently and for so long time. Do you mind the heat it brings out to the outside. We make too much heat for the nature to take, so it becomes too hot outside.

Why you open two air-condition in the rest room and living room at the same time even one is enought to keep you cool ? Why don’t enjoy the nature breeze in the night when there is windy day and stop the air-condition for one night ? Why…..we have to ask ourselves. Go green lifestyle is not just done in the mouse, it’s in our action.

We all tasted the bitterness of global warming, look at the summer heat, so hotter than before. I live in this city for nearly 6 years and I clearly remember the change in summer. It’s now too hot to endure, a short walking outside would cover me with sweat and even can’t breath. How painful.

No Air-condition Last Night with Cool Nature Breeze

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save global warming

Summer night is so hot in Nanjing recently, we simply call it the “sauna day” with sweat coming out continually. In fact, sweating is not something bad, otherwise, if you don’t sweat often, and keep staying in the air condition room, that’s not good for your health. Sweating is a way to drive your inner virus out.

Now people seem to rely too much on the air-condition, everytime when there is only a little hot sign, you didn’t stop a second to open the air-condition. That’s why the summer is becoming hotter and hotter year by year, partly due to our own air pollution and warm air pouring outside by the condition.

Don’t be such a ridiculous joke that you say green living on the one hand, on the other hand, you didn’t let the air-condition have a little time rest during the summer.

I don’t open it last night, I let the nature breeze comes in, cool nature breeze, seldom gained during night. I feel it great to sleep without any condition noise and artificial coolness.

Air-condition, don’t let it ruin our environment and our health.

Bring Green Tips with You Through Ipod Green Podcast

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Green Podcast for happy green tips

This “Podcast” thing in itune is amazing. I should say Ipod is so powerful in those additional benifits offered. Beyond listening to music and have a great and ordered management through the Itune, I can also receive cover flow and amazing Podcast program. That’s fantastic.

Someone may hate the itune sofeware offered by iPod, but I like it very much and find it very powerful and practical. Recently I’m starting to use the Podcast function that can helps you make contact to the most danamic engligh sound everyday and anytime anywhere. There so so many free podcast resource, and I chose many intersting ones like the MTV news, the HBO film interview and green tips related podcast that give me ideas about how to living more green and healthy life.

It will be updated very often and I can’t find any other music portable gadadgets in the market that can do a parallel job as iPod did. For someone who wants to improve Engligh and love English songs, iPod is a perfect choice for me.

Your Pet also Needs to Go Green

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do go green

You figure you are going green in every possible way? Maybe, but check your pet, is it also living a eco life and produce less harmful things to the surroundings? If not, do something to change its bad habit.

1. Start from organic food, which is good for health yet more good for environment.

2. Cultivate a good pee habit from early on, in case it run out of your control in a public garden area or some clean outdoor area. Remember what the fox said in “the little prince”: Tame, that’s the aim for your dog.

3, Stop bought it unnessesary clothing just for your own happy feeling, since dog may not feeling very cosy with the shoes or apparel like you thought them would.

Bicycle + Garden Plants = Going Green

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bike and plants life go green

Global warming seems to be extending its evil claw to our daily life. Today I even heard the terrible news from newspaper that one polar bear is swimming to death since it can’t find a complete land after several hours trying. Sounds horrible.

Going green seems to be the only solution to the problem of Global warming. To go green we ” the Humans” need to change our habits. Using bicycle to commute instead of polluting through energy consuming vehicles along with growing as many plants as possible can make a great difference to save this planet!

Don’t just blame, do something. Using bicycles can also has the bonus effect of loosing weight and good to health. Growing plants also can make our living enviroment better and nicer. So why not?

Green Lifestyle by Saying no to Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags has been banned in China supermarkets for several monthes now, and even though the supermaket still provides plasitc bag , but they are not free anymore. I was kind of forgetful at first and have to buy them when going shopping.

But later on, I keep the great habit of carrying a lager paper bag in my handbag. They are of great help. When I go to the food market after work, I use them to carry the vegetables or fish that used to be put in a plastic bag, when I get home, I got them washed and dryed for next time use. I find them more handy and easier to carry than plastic bags.

So I kind of catch up with the trends of “go green” living, and I still got a long way to go. For example, in last tree planting day, I haven’t got time to plant any trees. And I even use the garden as a vegetable planting spot :)

Anyway, from the bottom heart, I want my life to stay green and eco, and I made my actions little by little.

Garden Plants that Free You from Summer Heat

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green garden plants

Thanks to global warming, now the summer seems to be heater year by year.  It’s May, soon the summer heat will make us to live in suffering especially if you are in the outside with sunshine directly pouring on you.

There is no better relaxed feeling than taking a green tea in your cool garden area  after a long days work in the day, with gental wind coming nicely. The conditional room will never makes your head feel refleshing. That’s why people cherish their garden area and see it as a little private space for your soul and to touch nature smell.

Different people may have differnet thought about the garden decor style, it’s a space for your imagination to extend, you can make your most outrageous idea into reality on condition that it won’t cost too much money. For example, you should cut your trees in crazy shapes or bring in any weird sculptures. You decide, since it’s your area.

I started this blog for recording my stroy with garden or happened in the garden, anything that could reminds you of nature’s beauty and magic moment. Let’s enjoy this ride together.

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