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Garden is Everywhere if with Good Mood

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I seem to contradict myself by saying this, since I just talked about that only if you got enough money, you could have your own private garden. But this garden got differnet condinations here, the garden I’m now talking about could be a beautiful spot in the next corner you are taking, the amazing tree you pass by around some old old house or some bright flowers with amazing colors that spirits your mood on the road. Those beautiful views or spot could all be gardens in your heart.

Garden is everywhere if with good mood, it’s green in your eyes. Even you live in a very small house, barely could breath, you could still design your house with plants and green colors. You can still got natural smell to it. Every little grass or flowers could make big changes. It can also make people passing by happy.

Private gardens don’t need to be big and luxury, if you invest your heart and love. Private garden also lives in your heart with a positive mind.

Your Attitude to Garden Insects

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This snail taken in the garden might not be a tiny creature in a strict sense, compared to ant or something : ) The color of it is quite nice, a perfect fit with its surrounding colors, making it a great photo.

Some girl may feel shocked anytime they see some little insects or strange creatures in the garden, but this one is very lovely and clean, added it’s a good egg, a good insects in the garden, doing the helpful things.

It even could be eatable, in China guangzhou, there must be such a recipe made of snails and said to be nutritious, it sounds a little horrible to eat it, right ? But guangzhou is famous for its food variety, where any food is possible except the plane in the upper air and cars in the down ground.

A little run from the topic just now, lets turn our attention to garden again, do you often find those little creatures in your garden and record them just like me ? Is there any crazy and so strange ones that you have seen ?

In fact, we all use insect killer in our garden, especially in the summer time, but what about the life of these benificial insectss like bees and snails. They can be one of the innocent victims, so there is always different voice about insect killer usatage.

Taking Shot in Your Own Garden

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I bet many people like to make a few amazing shots in your own garden in leisure times. Garden offers a terrific background with vivid colors, fresh green and  added with your nice feeling.

I’m not quite professional with shooting and not equipped with those heavy camara gadgets at all, I just use ordinary Cannon Ixus camara. I found it enough for family use if you are not asking for exquisite effects and image.

The microshot function in the camara is commonly used in the garden area. The flowers, the little animal like bees, the leaves….  any little magic piece could be captured with the microshot shooting methods with focus on the primate one but visualizing those background items.

It’s a very happy gathering with your family in the garden to take some pictures with nice smiles. So taking shot in your own garden is also a very intersting recreation to do, to touch with nature’s beauty and magic moments. Every season, garden provides you with different video show, spring with flowers, summer with cool feeling, autum with leaves and winter with tough branches.

You gotta to discover and enjoy…..

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