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Bicycle + Garden Plants = Going Green

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bike and plants life go green

Global warming seems to be extending its evil claw to our daily life. Today I even heard the terrible news from newspaper that one polar bear is swimming to death since it can’t find a complete land after several hours trying. Sounds horrible.

Going green seems to be the only solution to the problem of Global warming. To go green we ” the Humans” need to change our habits. Using bicycle to commute instead of polluting through energy consuming vehicles along with growing as many plants as possible can make a great difference to save this planet!

Don’t just blame, do something. Using bicycles can also has the bonus effect of loosing weight and good to health. Growing plants also can make our living enviroment better and nicer. So why not?

Play Your Green Plants Like a Piece of Art

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green plants decor

Home decor does requires inspirations and artistic creation. Simply the display of green plants in some corner of your room is not as easily as you thought.

Play your green plants like  a piece of art, they may achieve the effect of bringing the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes. Your room would have much live spirits with them.

1, First care about the plant breed you are choosing. Not all kinds of plants got that artistic look you are looking for.

2, Fitting in the surrounding colors. Capture their beauty by taking shots of you with them.

3, Learn how to grow each of them well by seaching info on the net, you don’t want to lose them in short time.

Whether it’s at home or your office, keeping plants is fun.

My Canon IXUS95 Work in My Vegetable Garden

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cannon ixus95 garden flower shot

First, I have to say that, I’m not at all professional at photography, it’s only for fun and interstes that I taken so many shots in my garden yestoday since I bought the new Canon digital camera IXUS 95, I thougt I have to give it a few shots and to test its photo quality.

The best place to do this is in my vegetable garden, where the color is vivid with so many green and other fancy colors. Also, it’s in the sunshine outside, so it’s great for the Macro Lens shooting model. That piece above there is one of my Macro Lens effects picture. Maybe not that perfect, but I’m quite satisfied with it. :) Someday, when I got a really professional camera like Canon 450D, I would do a whole lot better. I just need to do more practice.

A few tips I thought about how to make a better shootings:

Photo composition idea: That’s something based on personal taste and artisitic flavor.

Light and angle: The core of photography. It’s all of the skills talks about.

Others: Welcome to make your suggestions here.

Garden Plants that Free You from Summer Heat

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green garden plants

Thanks to global warming, now the summer seems to be heater year by year.  It’s May, soon the summer heat will make us to live in suffering especially if you are in the outside with sunshine directly pouring on you.

There is no better relaxed feeling than taking a green tea in your cool garden area  after a long days work in the day, with gental wind coming nicely. The conditional room will never makes your head feel refleshing. That’s why people cherish their garden area and see it as a little private space for your soul and to touch nature smell.

Different people may have differnet thought about the garden decor style, it’s a space for your imagination to extend, you can make your most outrageous idea into reality on condition that it won’t cost too much money. For example, you should cut your trees in crazy shapes or bring in any weird sculptures. You decide, since it’s your area.

I started this blog for recording my stroy with garden or happened in the garden, anything that could reminds you of nature’s beauty and magic moment. Let’s enjoy this ride together.

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