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Is Your Garden Attracts Mosquitos?

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Day by day, the summer heat would be more and more harder to endure, added there are many annoying insects, with mosquitos  to bear the brunt. Good news is that, some insect expects said earlier that, this 2009 summer year, mosquitos would be less than previous years. Reasons?

1, The weather acts like a naughty child, warm air, cold air comes by turns in March and Appril that even leaving temperature difference often up to 10 degrees………..Humans can barely endure, let alone the mosquitos.

2, Our city has been more clean and people pay more attention to hygiene matters.

Whatever, that’s the general case. What if you have a green garden near your home, will those plants and flowers attracts more mosquitos than elsewhere ? I believe so, that’s why people use insect killer in the garden.

That’s kind of dispointing, but the advantage of a green garden must exceeds these little unpleasant very greatly. :)

Your Attitude to Garden Insects

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This snail taken in the garden might not be a tiny creature in a strict sense, compared to ant or something : ) The color of it is quite nice, a perfect fit with its surrounding colors, making it a great photo.

Some girl may feel shocked anytime they see some little insects or strange creatures in the garden, but this one is very lovely and clean, added it’s a good egg, a good insects in the garden, doing the helpful things.

It even could be eatable, in China guangzhou, there must be such a recipe made of snails and said to be nutritious, it sounds a little horrible to eat it, right ? But guangzhou is famous for its food variety, where any food is possible except the plane in the upper air and cars in the down ground.

A little run from the topic just now, lets turn our attention to garden again, do you often find those little creatures in your garden and record them just like me ? Is there any crazy and so strange ones that you have seen ?

In fact, we all use insect killer in our garden, especially in the summer time, but what about the life of these benificial insectss like bees and snails. They can be one of the innocent victims, so there is always different voice about insect killer usatage.

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