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Eco-chic with Cork Design

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Been eco friendly and at the same time staying chic? The following provides the solution.


Cork flooring is the ultimate in ‘eco-chic’ and its style possibilities and eco-benefits are endless. Having long been a staple in many European homes, cork flooring is now becoming more common in the United States because of its exquisite design possibilities, durability, reliability, and eco-friendly features.

Eco House showcases low carbon technology

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Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan residential water and space heating product has been featured in the Interbuild ‘Eco House’.

The company claims the products, which use heat pump technology to extract energy from the air outside then transfer it inside the home to heat radiators or water, can offer UK households savings in running costs of over 30% and cuts CO2 emissions by 50% against the most modern gas condensing boilers

John Kellett, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s heating department said: “With our product line-up we are confident that we can deliver low carbon heating to the vast majority of UK properties built from the 1970’s onwards.

“Heating and hot water accounts for over 70% of the energy we use in our homes so if we as a nation can cut this consumption, we can make a real difference to both emissions levels and the fuel bills of hard-pressed households.”

The Ecodan 5kW is on display at the event’s ‘Eco House’ installation, designed by Woodward Smith Architects and constructed and developed by Loosemore Chartered Building Company, as an example of a sustainable, three-storey family home.

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