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No Air-condition Last Night with Cool Nature Breeze

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save global warming

Summer night is so hot in Nanjing recently, we simply call it the “sauna day” with sweat coming out continually. In fact, sweating is not something bad, otherwise, if you don’t sweat often, and keep staying in the air condition room, that’s not good for your health. Sweating is a way to drive your inner virus out.

Now people seem to rely too much on the air-condition, everytime when there is only a little hot sign, you didn’t stop a second to open the air-condition. That’s why the summer is becoming hotter and hotter year by year, partly due to our own air pollution and warm air pouring outside by the condition.

Don’t be such a ridiculous joke that you say green living on the one hand, on the other hand, you didn’t let the air-condition have a little time rest during the summer.

I don’t open it last night, I let the nature breeze comes in, cool nature breeze, seldom gained during night. I feel it great to sleep without any condition noise and artificial coolness.

Air-condition, don’t let it ruin our environment and our health.

Garden Plants that Free You from Summer Heat

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green garden plants

Thanks to global warming, now the summer seems to be heater year by year.  It’s May, soon the summer heat will make us to live in suffering especially if you are in the outside with sunshine directly pouring on you.

There is no better relaxed feeling than taking a green tea in your cool garden area  after a long days work in the day, with gental wind coming nicely. The conditional room will never makes your head feel refleshing. That’s why people cherish their garden area and see it as a little private space for your soul and to touch nature smell.

Different people may have differnet thought about the garden decor style, it’s a space for your imagination to extend, you can make your most outrageous idea into reality on condition that it won’t cost too much money. For example, you should cut your trees in crazy shapes or bring in any weird sculptures. You decide, since it’s your area.

I started this blog for recording my stroy with garden or happened in the garden, anything that could reminds you of nature’s beauty and magic moment. Let’s enjoy this ride together.

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