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Standing High to Enjoy Green Mountain View

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standing on higher ground

I was feeling quite upset by life’s trivals recently, added that the work pressure is heavier than ever. Sometimes it made me hard to breath, I gotta run away for a short time, to let it go.

My sentimental feeling was killing me, mom encourage me to look at the brighter side and she sees nothing serious for me to be upset about. What I need is to close to nature to relieve the stress a little bit, the big city got so fast living rythem and it’s been a while that I haven’t climbed mountains and do the real outdoor green adventure thing.

Climb the mountains, standing high to see better view and broaden your mind. Just like the following  lyric goes like:

Standing on higher ground,
I see the world, And I’m looking from a high place,Way above it all,
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air, While they’re running in a rat race,Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

Stop Being Sentimental, Brace Outdoor Life

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sentimental girl, gray mind

What you do with a sentimental heart ?

It’s annoying and even though I know it’s bad, I just can’t stop my mind being such a mess at most cases. Girls are not meant to be sentimental, I was not born like this, is hard life got me like this? Maybe….Life is too hard. I overestimated my indendent ability.

Or is that I’m not so confident or optimistic when things are not going so smoothly, following the way I want.

Taking it hard just like you knew I would. I recently found a great way to cure this psychological problems,so easy, just to be enjoy outdoor life more, not just staying at home at most times,  missing all those happy moment that are bound to happen outdoor with your friends or strangers.

You may got this feeling that when you go travelling in some green green mountain area or garden area, with those fresh air you breathing, you will soon forget the trouble in your life for a moment and your brain may not be that dizzy at all.

So the crue is to let your heart be green and close to nature.

Life on The Street

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Life on the street

The moving moment you captured, Wow

Just plain and ordinary it seems, but look how it turns out a piece of art in your lens. You won’t be regret the money spend on your lens gadgets. Skills matters too, look at those round and colorful aperture, it all depends on professional shooting.

You don’t know what you will come upon with in the next road corner. There is a popular TV soap called “love around the corner”, quite romance and beautiful. So keep a curious mind with you when you are walking and discorving along the road.

Sometimes we are just too busy, busy between home and work place, but when you changed your piece of mind a little bit, you may not be too stressful. A sun flower in the road somewhere you saw may give you a happy mood.

Just like I always said, keep the “garden” in your mind.

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