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Release Pressure in Natural Oxygenous Bar

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One reason I want very much to travel recently is because I want to give myself a different kind of mood and feeling. I kind of tired of living eveyday the same, without change, the familiar road everyday, familiar scene. I want to be close to the natural oxygenous bar with many trees and green views to release my pressure out.

Stay too long in the big cites, wanna break out to somewhere far, my desired place would be Anhui Huangshan. But going there need many preparations and that makes me crazy.

Nothing feels better than walking in some natural oxygenous bar, breath the fresh air, no car noise and gas. Recently I got troubled by the rising house price, and I have to take a breath off this. I think with my families’ help, this problem would soon be solved.

Pressure need to be get out of your body to stay healthy. There were different ways to release pressure, go to the natural oxygenous bar is one good way.

I Wanna Travel to Anhui Huangshan

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China owns hundreds of famous montains, of which the nearest one for me is Anhui Huangshan. Added it’s very beautiful weather recently, so I wanna go there to light up my depressed feeling a little bit. I got too many troubling issues in life and emotion, and can’t talk them all to my boyfriend and I think a short break to the natural outside would help.

I hope my plan would not be ruined by the weather. Talking about the weather, it’s really strange that the supposed to be hot days were not hot at all, I wonder is something wrong with the weather, is it going to be very hot when autumn comes, when it’s supposed to be cool. Anyway, since the montain area got lower tempreture, so it doesn’t matter, the most important thing for us is to find a place to get along the night upon the mountain top since we wanna see the runrise.

Huangshan is 4 hours drive from where we live and it enjoys marvelous views and wonderful naturel wonders. It’s not very wise to go there when in public holidays, it must be very crowd then, it’s better to choose a nice weekend just like what I’m planing. I hope my lazy boyfriend won’t got anything to say to disturb my plan.

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