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Hey, I Go Cycling on Last Sunday

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Sunday is a beautiful day with beautiful mood. I figure it’s a great time to go cycling in the Xuanwu Lake park. The sun is a bit severe, but I’m not afraid of the sun radiation at all. I got sun cream and we designed a great road line where the streets is all covered with green trees, so no sunshine at all.

The road line is generally go like this: The Shitoucheng park – The West Beijing Road- The Chengxian streets – Xuanwu Park – Back home

God, I feel so happy to live in a city where the big green trees is everywhere, or else, where would we cycling lovers go to with the sunshine so fierce out there. In the park, we take cycling bike by turns, since we only have one bike, but we have another electrical bike :)   On the road somewhere, we stopped for buying a hammock to lay between the trees to have a cheerful rest, watching dogs and old guys fishing. So nice.

By the way, I love the feeling taht I am swaging in my hammock  like a swing. Life is so beaufiful with a mountain bike.

Peaceful Mind Defense Your Body

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Chinese medical opinions hold that 80% of the body disease comes from bad mood, believe it or not, it’s the way it is. Bad mood may exhaust your Qi (气)and Blood (血)at a more greater extend than you thought. If your Qi and Blood loose too many, disease may come after you. You would also becomes weak and fragile.

Blood terminology

Clinically 4 types of blood disorders are commonly encountered, namely blood asthenia or deficiency, blood stasis, blood-heat and blood-cold.


It’s a Chinese word, it’s hard to describe it, but it’s all the core to chinese herbal medical system. Sometimes, we have to admit the magic of the Chinese medicine and it’s point of views 

Next time, when you are about to get angry, too excited, or too worried, thinks about this harm it willl does to your health, and do some self control of your mood. Sometimes it’s hard, and green natural would help you to do that, so keep a garden or a green plants spot around home is quite important both for views and health.

Be happy, Be smile, Dancing in the wild nature, kiss the flowers in the garden.

The Less Time You Sleep, The Shorter You Live

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Sleep quality is quite an important factor to our overall health, which is known by all of us. While seldom anyone follows the suggested lifestyle in the modern city now. The night life seems more  vivid than the days and we don’t leave enought time for our body to have a good rest for the next day’s work or study.

The suggested sleeping hours is 8 hours, and it’s said that, the less you sleeped everyday, your life will be shorted for quite a few days one year. Sounds a little horrible, but it maybe the reality. Even we know all its harm, it’s more easily said then done. Since in the morden big cities like shanghai, it’s very common to spend 1-2 hours in the morning to work place, so if you can into deep sleep in the eleven clock in the night, you can barely sleep up to 8 hours if you have to get up in the morning at 7 clock, for many people, the occasion maybe more worse.

So what about sleep more early at 10 clock ? It’s really hard, since when we get home, it’s nearly 7pm (that’s for my case), and you have to eat supper, do some chores like washing clothing……., the 3 hours during  7- 10 is finally belongs to yourself after a long tiring work, you have more other things to attend to besides sleep.

In spite all the excuse, I have made my mind to sleep more eary in the night for my health matter. To keep a nice sleeping quality, I try to keep my room air more fresh. So I would bought some green plants to my home. I wonder what a great sleeping experience if you can sleep in a room in a beaufiful garden with fresh air.

Life on The Street

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Life on the street

The moving moment you captured, Wow

Just plain and ordinary it seems, but look how it turns out a piece of art in your lens. You won’t be regret the money spend on your lens gadgets. Skills matters too, look at those round and colorful aperture, it all depends on professional shooting.

You don’t know what you will come upon with in the next road corner. There is a popular TV soap called “love around the corner”, quite romance and beautiful. So keep a curious mind with you when you are walking and discorving along the road.

Sometimes we are just too busy, busy between home and work place, but when you changed your piece of mind a little bit, you may not be too stressful. A sun flower in the road somewhere you saw may give you a happy mood.

Just like I always said, keep the “garden” in your mind.

Singapore as a City of Garden

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Singapore is world famous for its cleaniess and  low crime rate, and is wildly recognized as one of the most cozy cities to live in. The air quality in Singapore is good beyond your belief since the plants and green project there is quite effective. The whole city is just like a carefully decorated garden and with drinkable water around the road corner.

I don’t quite believe the drinkable water part until my friend went there to experience herself, and told me how good that is. That’s quite an comparison to the Mexican city, where you don’t even dare to drink any water unless it’s bottled.

Our city got a long road ahead of us compared to singapore, and people’s quality is also lacking behind, but I believe people are really becoming to understand the importance of protecting the enviroment and planting more trees even though at the same time,  many city people are also eager to buy a car to free us from public transportation. Car gas is undoutly the number one killer to our good air quality and enviroment as a whole.

How I dare to live in a city of garden.

Public Garden Decorating Nanjing City

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Nanjing is a famous Chinese city best for its relaxed lifestyle and historical status. As a women who living here for nearly 6 years now, I got deep emotions for Nanjing.

It’s a city full of green trees and govement pay attention to the green constrution of the whole city very much.

I like the road “Beijing West Road” best, where the Jiangsu Government center is located right along the road. It got lines of french phoenix trees to make it just like a beautiful scenery spot.

Some say, many of the green trees in Nanjing are the best wealth that the Kuomintang Chairment Mr Jiang has left us Nanjing people. Maybe it’s the truth, since many trees must have years of history, and in recent 20 years, the Nanjing government has been cutting down  more green trees than they have planted.

Compared to other cities like Shanghai, Nanjing is qualified to be called a garden city, even thought there is still a long way to go ahead of us with pollution problem getting serious day by day.

Nanjing has bought world’s attention to it this time by the recent movie “Nanjing, Nanjing“, it’s a unforgetable historical events for us Nanjing residents.

Garden is Everywhere if with Good Mood

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I seem to contradict myself by saying this, since I just talked about that only if you got enough money, you could have your own private garden. But this garden got differnet condinations here, the garden I’m now talking about could be a beautiful spot in the next corner you are taking, the amazing tree you pass by around some old old house or some bright flowers with amazing colors that spirits your mood on the road. Those beautiful views or spot could all be gardens in your heart.

Garden is everywhere if with good mood, it’s green in your eyes. Even you live in a very small house, barely could breath, you could still design your house with plants and green colors. You can still got natural smell to it. Every little grass or flowers could make big changes. It can also make people passing by happy.

Private gardens don’t need to be big and luxury, if you invest your heart and love. Private garden also lives in your heart with a positive mind.

Private Garden Owned By Rich Chinese



In urban areas, it’s not very common to see private gardens just like anywhere else in the big cities of a country since on one want to live in a mixture of  noise, car exhaust…… Private garden can often be found in some suburb areas where it holds beautiful seneries and fresher air, where villa or luxury houses owned by rich people is located. It all needs money, so only for those rich people who care about there living quality and quite love the nature.

Ordinary chinese people could also have his own garden and very big houses, but in a rare chance in case you live in some rural places where living is not at all convenient. As far as the city I lived in, I once saw private garden in the center city somewhere, later I know that it’s owned by some old militeray officer who contributed a lot to our country, so they are been treated very greatly by the govenment to offer them so great villa and private spaces – such a nice garden.

Our city got great season to let those plants and flower to grow happily around, where sometimes it may got so hot in the summer, and seem to be hotter and hotter year by year. One could never appreatiate those the great sun preventing benefits of those big phoenix trees unless the summer sunshine is spreading his power.

Acturally, it’s kind of status symbol if you got a private garden in China.

Your Attitude to Garden Insects

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This snail taken in the garden might not be a tiny creature in a strict sense, compared to ant or something : ) The color of it is quite nice, a perfect fit with its surrounding colors, making it a great photo.

Some girl may feel shocked anytime they see some little insects or strange creatures in the garden, but this one is very lovely and clean, added it’s a good egg, a good insects in the garden, doing the helpful things.

It even could be eatable, in China guangzhou, there must be such a recipe made of snails and said to be nutritious, it sounds a little horrible to eat it, right ? But guangzhou is famous for its food variety, where any food is possible except the plane in the upper air and cars in the down ground.

A little run from the topic just now, lets turn our attention to garden again, do you often find those little creatures in your garden and record them just like me ? Is there any crazy and so strange ones that you have seen ?

In fact, we all use insect killer in our garden, especially in the summer time, but what about the life of these benificial insectss like bees and snails. They can be one of the innocent victims, so there is always different voice about insect killer usatage.

Taking Shot in Your Own Garden

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I bet many people like to make a few amazing shots in your own garden in leisure times. Garden offers a terrific background with vivid colors, fresh green and  added with your nice feeling.

I’m not quite professional with shooting and not equipped with those heavy camara gadgets at all, I just use ordinary Cannon Ixus camara. I found it enough for family use if you are not asking for exquisite effects and image.

The microshot function in the camara is commonly used in the garden area. The flowers, the little animal like bees, the leaves….  any little magic piece could be captured with the microshot shooting methods with focus on the primate one but visualizing those background items.

It’s a very happy gathering with your family in the garden to take some pictures with nice smiles. So taking shot in your own garden is also a very intersting recreation to do, to touch with nature’s beauty and magic moments. Every season, garden provides you with different video show, spring with flowers, summer with cool feeling, autum with leaves and winter with tough branches.

You gotta to discover and enjoy…..

Garden Plants that Free You from Summer Heat

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green garden plants

Thanks to global warming, now the summer seems to be heater year by year.  It’s May, soon the summer heat will make us to live in suffering especially if you are in the outside with sunshine directly pouring on you.

There is no better relaxed feeling than taking a green tea in your cool garden area  after a long days work in the day, with gental wind coming nicely. The conditional room will never makes your head feel refleshing. That’s why people cherish their garden area and see it as a little private space for your soul and to touch nature smell.

Different people may have differnet thought about the garden decor style, it’s a space for your imagination to extend, you can make your most outrageous idea into reality on condition that it won’t cost too much money. For example, you should cut your trees in crazy shapes or bring in any weird sculptures. You decide, since it’s your area.

I started this blog for recording my stroy with garden or happened in the garden, anything that could reminds you of nature’s beauty and magic moment. Let’s enjoy this ride together.

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