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Ideas for Patio or Balcony

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Small space gardens, Let me offer you guys some solutions for gardening without a garden.

Ideas for patio or balcony

Few things are more satisfying than growing your own food. Few things are more frustrating than being a garden lover trapped in a teeny-tiny apartment. What to do?

You can still make it happen.  You just need a little imagination.

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  • Published: Jul 13th, 2012
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Style Me Pretty – Wedding Flowers Ideas

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The wedding planner laid effortless elegance that we love to see in a wedding.

It will be captured with super cute details it no matter what your angle is.

Wedding Flower Idea - Style me Pretty

Style me pretty, once a lifetime. Wedding flowers is the detail that matters.

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  • Published: Jul 13th, 2012
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Indoor Swing, Why Not?

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Isn’t it a very cute idea, and you might want to consider this in your indoor decor plan.

Choose the best place for it, with views and sunshine.

windows & swing

It would be so nice, take a swing here when woke up and shake all the pressure off.

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  • Published: Jul 13th, 2012
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Backyard Design, Facing the Sea

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I wish I woke up to this every morning.  I want this to be my backyard! I dream of this all the time!!


Only one more dream, waves, big waves for surfing. When you have a house facing the sea like this, how would you design your backyard?

Take me there, I feel like to be on the road again.

Install Cute Hanging Chairs in Your Garden

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Cute Hanging Chairs would add more fun in the garden area.

hanging chairs in the garden

Enjoy the relax time even better.

Paint Your Fence White and Put a Pink Rose

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It looks very much like Old Blush Climbing Rose or Albertine, though Peggy Martin also looks similar. Very pretty!

The pink solution is irresistable to the girls.

paint my fence white and put a pink rose on

Fairies in the Garden – Flower Recipe

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What a wonder collection of flowers. We like it wild, this is the great recipe. I thought I’d share a little recipe that yields great results for a natural, garden-style bouquet made in hand.

Fairies in the Garden

Sweet Garden Plants – Purple Love

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My favorite color combination!

sweet garden plants

Garden bouquet that would intoxicate you.

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  • Published: Jun 8th, 2012
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Creat a Nice Backyard

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Love the brickwork.  Might be a good way to compensate for the lack of a back yard. It’s very nice way to create a cosy little space between you and your neighbour.

garden backyard

Miami Zombie – not Real Waking Dead but LSD Turned Him into Evil Green Giant?

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Man eating face in Miami, what a horrible news!!!
But he really isn’t a zombie: Rudy Eugene identified as man chewing on victim’s face. We all wonder what happened to him, “the zombie green giant”. He did act like a walking dead. Now it seems the Miami travel industry will be suffering for a while due to this Face-Chewing Zombies. Alert has been everywhere.

I see another report saying that Miami ‘zombie’ attacker may have been using ‘bath salts’, ok, whatever he used, LSD or others, the real point is “thank god” he is acturally a human being, no the so called non-human species, which would make the whole incident looks like what happend in the horror film called “28 days later”.

Something definitely wrong about his brain and makes him turn into an evil green giant; not at all the cute green giant that appeared in the popular movie “the Avengers”.

Those who see too many “walking dead” movies, try not to think of this on the night..

the walking dead

Magic in the Kitchen – A Bite of China – E05 HD

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Filled with mouthwatering images of food ranging from haute cuisine to local delicacies, the docu captures the beautiful and refined process of food-making. The program is sure to attract both food buffs and ordinary audiences.

The bonus is, the show is not only about dishes. Every episode will highlight different people, who will tell stories about their adventures with food.

To Understand Culture, Cuisine & Consumers, Take “A Bite Of China”

Secret of the Kitchen – A Bite of China(舌尖上的中国) E05 HD


The Taste of Time – A Bite of China – E04 HD

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Amazing Chinese Food Documentary: A Bite of China 《舌尖上的中国》Super Popular in China! -Try not to drool.

The Taste of Time – A Bite of China(舌尖上的中国) E04 HD

We have manifold modern technologies to preserve food, however, old methods (salting, air drying, etc) are still have its incomparable charm.

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