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Chillin’ Area – Dream Villa

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Can I move in?

Chillin' Area

Enjoy Outdoor Movie in Your Own Backyard

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Enjoy an outdoor movie in your own backyard. Is that sounds like dream come true.

Dreams Come True

Beer Garden – Creative Wine Holder

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I like this idea, recommend this for wine lover.

Beer Garden

Garden Glowing Orbs

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Those glowing orbs are so easy to make by yourself.

Garden Lighting & Fountain

The Purple Road to Heaven

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Backyard road design inspiration for all.

The road to heaven

Fairies in the Garden – Flower Recipe

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What a wonder collection of flowers. We like it wild, this is the great recipe. I thought I’d share a little recipe that yields great results for a natural, garden-style bouquet made in hand.

Fairies in the Garden

Miami Zombie – not Real Waking Dead but LSD Turned Him into Evil Green Giant?

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Man eating face in Miami, what a horrible news!!!
But he really isn’t a zombie: Rudy Eugene identified as man chewing on victim’s face. We all wonder what happened to him, “the zombie green giant”. He did act like a walking dead. Now it seems the Miami travel industry will be suffering for a while due to this Face-Chewing Zombies. Alert has been everywhere.

I see another report saying that Miami ‘zombie’ attacker may have been using ‘bath salts’, ok, whatever he used, LSD or others, the real point is “thank god” he is acturally a human being, no the so called non-human species, which would make the whole incident looks like what happend in the horror film called “28 days later”.

Something definitely wrong about his brain and makes him turn into an evil green giant; not at all the cute green giant that appeared in the popular movie “the Avengers”.

Those who see too many “walking dead” movies, try not to think of this on the night..

the walking dead

Gentle Morning Light and My New Plants

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It’s exquisite and delicate. Enjoy the mornign gental light and take a deep breath and say Hi to the new day.


Your home needs plants to become more lively.

Green Leaves and Blue Sky Background

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What a nature beauty and combination.


The winter has been with us for so long, so I haven’t seen green leaves for a long time.  So many new life and hope in spring season.

Plant with a Cute Shape

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Cute shape, isn’t it.


So lucky to capture this.

Blue Sky in the Desert

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Blue sky makes me wonder.


Green living in the desert, life is not easy here.

Good Morning!

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A cup of milk


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