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How Much it Costs to Buy a Villa with Garden in Shanghai

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A villa with garden, that’s my final dream and everyone’s fantacy. In China, that’s a dream hardly accomplished if you live in the big cities like shanghai. Even if you are rich, but not that rich as to own hundreds of millions, then you can drop this dream, it’s out of the rich of you.

Unlike in America or some western countries, living in a nice villa with garden is very common, can be easily achieved by ordinary middle class, but never the case in China, where only the rich out of rich could afford this kind of lifestyle.

Maybe we Chinese can only blame the pupulation, so good resource is so limited and rare. Now the situation is worse than you think, don’t ever think about the villa anymore, you can barely afford a common apartment in some center city around places in shanghai. A two living room common apartment would cost you 300 million or even more.

Count the total income your whole family would get, probably at most 0.2 million, which is not bad at all compared to many people. But look at the big gap here, you think your whole life would be better off with this burden on your shoulder, even if you are healthy enough to not enter the hospital, people in the earth knows how hard and how expensive to get ill.

I’m More into Canon as to Photo Color

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As a Chinese, I hate to admit the fact that most of us would choose the Japanese brand when buying Digital Camera. Canon or Sony, Sony or Canon…. There seems nonwhere to run. Oh, god, japanese are so good at those electric gadgets that needs precision.

Based on my exprience with Canon and Sony digital camera,  Canon seems to perform better when photo color is the focus and Sony always run ahead with the stylish design and fashion apparence. That’s the general impression.

I like to take shot in my garden and other green area, recording those flowers with name or not, those little grass. Canon often do a better job.  Check My Canon IXUS95 Work in My Vegetable Garden.

Sony certainly got this benifits and markets too, in fact, if you are not the professionist, sometimes, it’s hard to tell which is good, which is bad. Skill matters too.

Either one you chose, investigate more in advance in those BBS, and look at the sample picture other people takes and make your decision. If you are going to buy the expensive camera gadgets like the lens, bring a camera geek with you in case your heavy money is lost in sweet talks by the sales.

Grow Flowers or Vegetables in Garden

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Giving you a choice question: if you got a self-owned space on your backyard, would it use it as a garden area or a vegetables soil. For me, I chose that latter, the reason for that as below:

1, I’m not at all good at growing flowers or any plants, knowledge and time is both required, I got either. I’d better not waste my money on those expensive flower seed.

2, The food safety problem is often becomes a focus in China, someday, we heard it’s not safe to eat blalala, other day, it’s said to not eat blalala……..Nothing safer than the vegetable you grown yourself, right?

3, It’s very convinient if you are too busy to got the food market, you can simple make a dish ready by picking some vegetable on your backyard, simple yet healthy.

4, It’s handy if you are just runing out of some food accessory, such as, pepper, garlic sprouts.. You got plenty of them waiting.

I just list a few, but I’m not saying that growing flowers is stupid, it’s just different views and lifestlyes, so no right or wrong, provided you don’t intervene other residents’ life.

Private Garden Owned By Rich Chinese



In urban areas, it’s not very common to see private gardens just like anywhere else in the big cities of a country since on one want to live in a mixture of  noise, car exhaust…… Private garden can often be found in some suburb areas where it holds beautiful seneries and fresher air, where villa or luxury houses owned by rich people is located. It all needs money, so only for those rich people who care about there living quality and quite love the nature.

Ordinary chinese people could also have his own garden and very big houses, but in a rare chance in case you live in some rural places where living is not at all convenient. As far as the city I lived in, I once saw private garden in the center city somewhere, later I know that it’s owned by some old militeray officer who contributed a lot to our country, so they are been treated very greatly by the govenment to offer them so great villa and private spaces – such a nice garden.

Our city got great season to let those plants and flower to grow happily around, where sometimes it may got so hot in the summer, and seem to be hotter and hotter year by year. One could never appreatiate those the great sun preventing benefits of those big phoenix trees unless the summer sunshine is spreading his power.

Acturally, it’s kind of status symbol if you got a private garden in China.

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