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Green Visual Impression

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Green visual impression


It’s beatifully blurred, with a sense of oil painting added. If seems like it exist in your dreams somewhere.

Abstract as it is, and simple color used, but amazingly nice.

Life on The Street

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Life on the street

The moving moment you captured, Wow

Just plain and ordinary it seems, but look how it turns out a piece of art in your lens. You won’t be regret the money spend on your lens gadgets. Skills matters too, look at those round and colorful aperture, it all depends on professional shooting.

You don’t know what you will come upon with in the next road corner. There is a popular TV soap called “love around the corner”, quite romance and beautiful. So keep a curious mind with you when you are walking and discorving along the road.

Sometimes we are just too busy, busy between home and work place, but when you changed your piece of mind a little bit, you may not be too stressful. A sun flower in the road somewhere you saw may give you a happy mood.

Just like I always said, keep the “garden” in your mind.

Garden is Everywhere if with Good Mood

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I seem to contradict myself by saying this, since I just talked about that only if you got enough money, you could have your own private garden. But this garden got differnet condinations here, the garden I’m now talking about could be a beautiful spot in the next corner you are taking, the amazing tree you pass by around some old old house or some bright flowers with amazing colors that spirits your mood on the road. Those beautiful views or spot could all be gardens in your heart.

Garden is everywhere if with good mood, it’s green in your eyes. Even you live in a very small house, barely could breath, you could still design your house with plants and green colors. You can still got natural smell to it. Every little grass or flowers could make big changes. It can also make people passing by happy.

Private gardens don’t need to be big and luxury, if you invest your heart and love. Private garden also lives in your heart with a positive mind.

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