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  • Published: Jul 13th, 2012
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Backyard Design, Facing the Sea

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I wish I woke up to this every morning.  I want this to be my backyard! I dream of this all the time!!


Only one more dream, waves, big waves for surfing. When you have a house facing the sea like this, how would you design your backyard?

Take me there, I feel like to be on the road again.

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  • Published: Feb 23rd, 2012
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Lovely Combination in The Garden Corner

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It’s all about the right combination. How to put things in the right place to make them look beautiful.


The white wall is a great idea too.

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  • Published: Nov 25th, 2009
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Garbage Incinerator, No Damage to Enviroment ?

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Thousands of residents in the Panyu district in the Guangdong provincial capital city of Guangzhou have signed a petition opposing construction of a garbage incinerator in their neighborhood.

“Although relevant government departments have promised the facility will meet the State’s environment protection requirements, we still worry the project will pollute the environment and harm our health,” said a resident from Riverside Garden housing development.

Burning garbage will generate dioxin, which can cause cancers, said the resident, who only gave his family name Wang.

In Wang’s housing estate alone, more than 1,300 residents have so far signed up to oppose construction of the project, according to Wang.

“I believe the number of residents who oppose the project will continue to grow in the following months,” Wang told China Daily Monday.

Those info are from China Daily, this serious problem is going on and come not come to an end. People are still trying to change the plan, but it seems impossible since there is big profit nearly 50000 million RMB behind it.

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  • Published: Sep 14th, 2009
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A Foreign Traveller Cycling in Chinese Cities



Following is what a foreign cycling lover who are in Shanghai, China and exploring the cities beauty and wonders.

Cycling in Chinese cities is a heady mixture of excitement and danger, until you’re told to get off your bike and push it, which is what one of the traffic police instructed me to do as I neared Shanghai’s centre. I’d read that the city plans to ban cycling in the future – the bicycle being equated with a proletarian past and a symbol that Shanghai wants to leave behind. I think the authorities will have a hard job, but with cycle lanes being removed from the major roads Shanghai was not as cycle friendly as I would have liked. And when other people told me stories of having their bikes stolen I decided it was best to explore on foot.

As a city becomes so large, it’s a bit hard to know where the boundaries was. Shanghai was somewhat like this. Although I’d never originally planned to visit Shanghai I’m glad that I have. Walking onto the bund at night, with its majestic colonial buildings and space age skyscrapers lit up across the Huangpu river is a sight which takes some beating. But for a city with all is past and present wealth there is also the opposite extreme, and it wasn’t long before street hawkers and beggars started to wear on my senses. Shanghai is also the first place in China where at times I feel the foreigner is charged more.

Nevertheless, it is a city that should be seen – the decaying remnants of British and French architecture, which appear largely forgotten by the reality of noisy and bustling tree-lined side streets had me wandering for hours without boredom. I could happily spend longer exploring, but with 30 or so days to cover the remaining 2000 plus kilometres to Hong Kong I’m anxious to keep cycling. Shanghai is also a place that can thin one’s wallet rather quickly without some serious restraint, and I have a lot of travelling still planned ahead.

Small Bugdet for Travel in Weekend


I was planning on a small budget trip to some nearby cities within 4 hours by bus or train. My previous plan was Huangshan, but since many essential items haven’t got ready and time is limited, the plan was putting away for some time until we got the following preparations ready.

1, Columbia shell jacket for coping with any sudden weather on the Huangshan mountain, anti-water, anti-wind, idea for outdoor activity.

2, Mountain shoes: The huangshan trip contains at least 8  hours trekking, a qualifed shoes may easy the ankle pain greatly.

That’s the most costly items needed for huangshan trip, and when i got them ready, i will go ahead to my dreamed huangshuan trip.

With small budget and limited time, the choice is only left for Suzhou and Hangzhou, and the latter would cost more. Hangzhou xihu park is worth it if one haven’t went there before.

Fairly Untouched Green Wonder in Huangshan

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Why is it worth it to work though the Xihai Grand Canyon, althought it’s a very hard journey ? Its beauty is hard to describe in words, so if you don’t want to leave any regrets when you go to huangshan, it’s highly recommended to hiking the Xihai Grand Canyon, preceded by some proper preparations.

When hiking through the Xihai Grand Canyon, the scenery constantly changes as visitors go deeper into the canyon. Hiking down the stone steps that cling to the precipices, visitors are surrounded by breath-taking surroundings that make photo taking elementary. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo in this area. The Xihai Grand Canyon is known for its ancient pines and bizarre rock formations. The ancient pines are growing from crevices of rock, and because of this, they are unable to grow straight and tall as they would if they were growing in flat soil. This combined with wind and weather, have twisted these pines into living sculptures. The rock formations in the Xihai Grand Canyon have also taken on bizarre forms. Due to millions of years of wind and rain, the rocks have been worn into shapes resembling ancient sages and mythological creatures. Surrounded by this gallery of nature’s art, visitors cannot help but be spellbound.

For visitors wanting to get the best experience on their tour it is recommended that they stay overnight at a hotel on Huangshan Mountain and get up as early as 4:30 to catch the amazing sunrise from the mountain before beginning their hike.

Hiking in Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon

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Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon is a very famous spot in huangshan, which counts for 80% of the total entrance ticket value. But if you are going with the travel group organized by the traval agency, you would totally miss the opportunity of hiking in xihai grand canyon, since it requires lots of time and patience, so travel agency don’t want to do this project. It’s only you do a self-help travelling that you can enjoy the real beauty of Huangshan.

There is a saying goes like: if you don’t come to xihai west sea grand canyon in huangshan, then you are coming to huangshan in vain.

Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon also commonly referred to as the Magic Scenic Area, is one of the most beautiful sites on Huangshan Mountain. Recently hiking trips through this canyon has becoming extremely popular. The hiking route for hiking through the Xihai Grand Canyon follows a “V” shaped route. The two entrances of this tour, the Walking Fairyland Bridge in the south and the Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion in the north, have an elevation of 1320 and 1430 meters above sea level respectively, while the elevation of the canyon’s lowest point, the Tianhai, north of Walking Fairyland Bridge, is just 600 meters above sea level. Beginning at either of the two entrances, a hike through the Xihai Grand Canyon is 9.6 kilometers long and takes approximately four hours. Starting at the entrance, hikers travel downhill deeper into the canyon.

Once reaching the Tianhai (Haixin Pavilion), the lowest point of the hike, visitors will then begin to ascend until reaching the exit. Hiking the Xihai Grand Canyon is a bit of an adventure, so visitors are suggested to pace themselves and walk at a comfortable pace.

Release Pressure in Natural Oxygenous Bar

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One reason I want very much to travel recently is because I want to give myself a different kind of mood and feeling. I kind of tired of living eveyday the same, without change, the familiar road everyday, familiar scene. I want to be close to the natural oxygenous bar with many trees and green views to release my pressure out.

Stay too long in the big cites, wanna break out to somewhere far, my desired place would be Anhui Huangshan. But going there need many preparations and that makes me crazy.

Nothing feels better than walking in some natural oxygenous bar, breath the fresh air, no car noise and gas. Recently I got troubled by the rising house price, and I have to take a breath off this. I think with my families’ help, this problem would soon be solved.

Pressure need to be get out of your body to stay healthy. There were different ways to release pressure, go to the natural oxygenous bar is one good way.

I Wanna Travel to Anhui Huangshan

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China owns hundreds of famous montains, of which the nearest one for me is Anhui Huangshan. Added it’s very beautiful weather recently, so I wanna go there to light up my depressed feeling a little bit. I got too many troubling issues in life and emotion, and can’t talk them all to my boyfriend and I think a short break to the natural outside would help.

I hope my plan would not be ruined by the weather. Talking about the weather, it’s really strange that the supposed to be hot days were not hot at all, I wonder is something wrong with the weather, is it going to be very hot when autumn comes, when it’s supposed to be cool. Anyway, since the montain area got lower tempreture, so it doesn’t matter, the most important thing for us is to find a place to get along the night upon the mountain top since we wanna see the runrise.

Huangshan is 4 hours drive from where we live and it enjoys marvelous views and wonderful naturel wonders. It’s not very wise to go there when in public holidays, it must be very crowd then, it’s better to choose a nice weekend just like what I’m planing. I hope my lazy boyfriend won’t got anything to say to disturb my plan.

Our Mountain Bike Get Rest for too Long

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We haven’t get around to cycling for a month now, and the biggest reason is the weather, too hot to take exercise outside. I decide that if the weather condition permits this weekend, we would take the electric bike and montain bike together outdoor to the “Jiangxinzhou” area in Nanjing to pick grapes, that should be interesting enough.

To eat the so-called organic village cooking dish and taste so many different kinds of grape and pick our favourite….just imaging how happy it would be.

I hope the weather would be just cool as these days. Otherwise, the plan will definitely be ruined and we will have another boring weekend staying at home watching horrific movie.

I put the montain bike to the empty little room and leave the living room tidy, I hope he bought this expensive mountain bike not for an impulse and really use it for keep health reason.

How Often Do You Go to the Wild Green

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How Often Do You Go to The Wild Green

In the big cities, wild green spot is less and less, in the replace of it, there is so many artificial green spots or gardens. If you got enough time and energy and above all, a wild car, then you are ready to go, to reach the wild nature green area where is far from the cities, maybe hours away.

You would it worth the oil cost you spend and the time driving, cause it’s so great to breath the fresh air, the air without the gas release flavor and the peaceful sound makes your soul calm down.

Some unkown flower or fancy colors may becomes a great picuture in your Cannon 40D and take your time to enjoy.

I have to say, every coin has two sides, and wild area may got some dangerous part to mention you with. After seeing so many horrific movies that talking some werid guy lerking in some wild and far area, do you scare of the faraway wild area ever since then ? Do do not leave the civilization for too far and don’t do to some places even without cellphone signal.

So enjoy your outdoor life in the wild green area.

Standing High to Enjoy Green Mountain View

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standing on higher ground

I was feeling quite upset by life’s trivals recently, added that the work pressure is heavier than ever. Sometimes it made me hard to breath, I gotta run away for a short time, to let it go.

My sentimental feeling was killing me, mom encourage me to look at the brighter side and she sees nothing serious for me to be upset about. What I need is to close to nature to relieve the stress a little bit, the big city got so fast living rythem and it’s been a while that I haven’t climbed mountains and do the real outdoor green adventure thing.

Climb the mountains, standing high to see better view and broaden your mind. Just like the following  lyric goes like:

Standing on higher ground,
I see the world, And I’m looking from a high place,Way above it all,
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air, While they’re running in a rat race,Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

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