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On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

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I think I will add this to my little lake to enjoy my wine and I could see me relaxing here with my love.

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

Snowy Path and the Street Lights

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I quite like long street with nice trees aligned in vertial line like this way, very great to walk along.

Good composition, good vanishing point with the snowy path and the lights.


Capturing this is worthwhile even through my fingers feel so cold.

Lovely Red Objects in the Wide Cold Background

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Isn’t the kind of tone that feel so great in winter ?


Lovely red objects in the wide cold background seems so nice and prominent.

Snow season is so happy, well, provied the snow was not too big to influence life, like the one in 2009.

Winter Sunrise on the Horizon

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It’s such an enjoyment to watch sunrise in a warm winter moring, the colours are magnificent and make it a strong image by themselves.


I think the foreground leaves in the top right corner is giving the image more scale and feeling, more loverly to got it.

Well, I also think this picture gives too much emphasis one the foreground

Old Winter Wood in Ireland

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Such beautiful weather in Ireland. Those trees must have seen a hundred years change.


The trees remind me of the amount of packaging that came into our house this Christmas, it is of course all recycled, but it is a bit of a nightmare and my Green (recycle) bin is overflowing. Everything seems to be double, triple and quadruple packed. I am going to double my efforts this year to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Nature Tells a Story – Spring Miracle

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Isn’t it amazing what can happen in four weeks in nature?


Great seasonal comparison. It very interesting to combine pictures liket this way to let them tell a story themself.

I loathe the deadness winter brings, and I love the green shot in spring. Together in this one, they tell a story.

Love Those Cows that Dot the Landscape

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I hear a Windows machine booting up in the background.


It seems like life on another planet…I can’t imagine I was acturally there, so beautiful.

The colors seem bright and surreal. I want to lay in the grass.

Marvelous colors and lovely cows. They seem to be happier than me.

Listen to the Rustle of Dry Leafs

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I like it… sky is expressing
freedom, while bare branches stopped
breathing for a while


Listen to the rustle of dry leafs…

Just breathing looking at the clouds…

Lomo tonesm cool lighting

Soft Fade from Grass to Sky

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It’s my lucky day to spot this area, with fewer people and nice winter colors.

This place is well worth a visit, in fact it is well worth several visits if you are in the area or passing through. There’s plenty to see. You can easily lose a day there roaming the grounds, exploring the original restored Victorian double walled vegetable, fruit & herb garden, the greenhouses, ponds and water features, or checking out sculpture, visiting exhibitions and eating huge great slabs of home-made cake and mugs of tea for an excellent price.


I like how there’s a soft fade from grass to biome to sky.

Winter Sunlight & Beautiful Leafs

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Winter sun light is exceptionally warm and comfortable. It was so blessed to enjoy a warm afternoon family outing. We walked through the passages and bathed in the massage-like sunshine. I love the sunlight in winter, usually great for taking photos.

winter green

You see, the lights between the leaves from afar seems to help a lot in the background.

It’s emotional and I was so happy to be a nature photographer with the help of the winter sun.

Happy shooting everyone ;-)

That’s Why it’s Called Golden Season


Between this women and the leaves, all we can feel and touch is beauty of autumn. The light is controlled so perfectly.

Think about it, going on a bike ride in autumn when it is actually warm, and the leafs are falling and rustling.  The feeling must be great. The sun was up there for the perfect light of it, not so bright, yet warm and shinning.

This moment can’t be repeat every day and every hour, we shall capture this natual’s beautity with our camera.

golden season

Less Noise, Just Green Nature Surrounding You

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For anyone like me who haven’t got chance to hiking the huangshan Xihai Grand Canyon, imagination is going in my head for days, I want very much to go there to experience all the amazing sceneries myself with my lover.

It is recommended that visitors hiking into the Xihai Grand Canyon travel according to their physical ability. This area can be dangerous, especially to the elderly and young children. There is no mode of transport in or out of the canyon other than your own two feet, so this must be kept in mind before a hike is planned. It is highly recommended that visitors only take what is absolutely necessary when hiking into the Xihai Grand Canyon. Porters are available, but they cost money to have them come along. In many parts of the canyon there is no cell-phone signal, and getting aid to hikers is difficult, so it is important that hikers are prepared for any situation before heading out.

Although taking a hiking tour through the Xihai Grand Canyon is a workout, it is defiantly worth it. The views are amazing and because this area is so inaccessible, the area is fairly untouched. Most visitors hiking through the canyon will not see another human until they exit it at the other end. It is a great way to get in touch with nature, and experience some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

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