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  • Published: May 13th, 2012
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Handwork to Express Natural

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Work by hand to express natural. 4 Some wood and leaves may make a difference with a skilful hand.

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  • Published: Aug 10th, 2011
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Crack Garden


Project Overview:

Crack GardenThe project spent only $ 500, from the hammer by a simple change to the existing concrete slab.

Crack GardenThe park using a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and even beautiful rogue weeds.

Crack GardenMany plants have been selected to withstand the human foot traffic.

Crack Garden

Crack Garden

How to Keep a Nice Sleep Quality

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I figure many people would have the same problem concerning sleepquality at night, having trouble getting good sleep through the night (i.e. tossing, turning, waking up more than once), it seems that a peaceful night’s slumber is so hard to get. But there is a few tips which might be helpful.

Get on schedule. Your internal “biological clock”matters. Varifying your get bed time too often may get your body tired by adjusting to different routine. So try to keep the same time, for say, at 11pm, to get to sleep each night, no matter it’s weekend or not.

Be mindful of what you have eaten or drank before bed. A too full or too empty stomach would both interrupt your sleep. Keep a 3 hours time for the food to digest and avoid spicy food or spirit lifting drink like coffee or alchol.

Keep the room dark. Totally black is the best, but sometimes it’s hard to achive this. Since we many have some little light on the router or we need to light a mosquite killing light. My suggetion is cover them up with a cloth or something.

Change your sleeping position. Pick whatever position that makes your feel cosy and comfortable but just avoid totally down turn.

Exercise: Do some sort of exercise everyday may help your sleep greatly, like swiming, jogging…..

Healthy lifestyle may changed your life.

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  • Published: Nov 25th, 2009
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“2012″ Fears on End of the World

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2012 is the “disaster movie” tha luckily got the ticket to enter into Chinese cinema. That’s also luck for Chinese audience since the vision enjoyment is terrific and supass our expectation.

The reason why it got approved by Chinese government is partly due to its flatter on China in  movie lines and themes. Chinese must have been contribute a lot to their overall ticket office,  the money profit behind the whole thing make Americans film makers wish to make those compromise to flatter Chinese people a little bit. :)

2012 is based on some scientific reasons and we’d better control global warming now to save some more living space for our generations.

It’s the third time the film director destroyed the whold world, this time, he did it in a very shocking way. I wonder what would the disaster film director do next year, to destroy the world again.

Indeed, a great movie to watch in the cinema.

Do You Worry about Those Additives in Food


food additives

It seems food can not live with additives, where can you find the perfect organic food which is 100% natural, no chemical ? Nowhere as far as i have seen. I will list the food that we eat daily.

Milk: Every morning, my family would drink milk, I figure that they definitly added some additives to make the milk more tasty and smell good.

Beverage: When going out and happen to be thirsty, beverage is the choice. God knows they contain additives that are not healthy.

Even you are in the food mall to buy fresh food, you would encounter those dangerous area where additives are used, such as the fish, do you know what they put in the fish water to keep the fish stay alive longer ?

Just name a few.

Totally no additive is not practical, what we need is a health control and be sure they are not hurting our health. What we can also do is to drink less beverage and return to blank water.

Release Pressure in Natural Oxygenous Bar

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One reason I want very much to travel recently is because I want to give myself a different kind of mood and feeling. I kind of tired of living eveyday the same, without change, the familiar road everyday, familiar scene. I want to be close to the natural oxygenous bar with many trees and green views to release my pressure out.

Stay too long in the big cites, wanna break out to somewhere far, my desired place would be Anhui Huangshan. But going there need many preparations and that makes me crazy.

Nothing feels better than walking in some natural oxygenous bar, breath the fresh air, no car noise and gas. Recently I got troubled by the rising house price, and I have to take a breath off this. I think with my families’ help, this problem would soon be solved.

Pressure need to be get out of your body to stay healthy. There were different ways to release pressure, go to the natural oxygenous bar is one good way.

Typhoon Morakot Arrived in Nanjing But No Panic


The city we live enjoys a fine climate in thousands of history, that’s why Nanjing was picked by several China emperor as the capital of the country. Our geography advantage is obvious, just take the recent typhoon morakot as an example, the disaster weather has cause many big problems in famous cities like Taiwan, China Guangzhou Province…. But we haven’t sensed any trouble yet.

There is no panic at all, we just have to close our window carefully and cut down the electricity for safety purpose. There is said to be big heavy rain today when the typhoon arrived and nothing happened yet, the weather being cooler and good sleep at night.

I wonder is typhoon morakot influenced your area ?  According to the weather report, it will soon pass us and I can go on planning on my travel too. Action is more important, Time is good for me now, with no family burdon, no child to breed, no fanancial burdon. I’d better use this period to travel more and to touch green natura.

Your Pet also Needs to Go Green

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do go green

You figure you are going green in every possible way? Maybe, but check your pet, is it also living a eco life and produce less harmful things to the surroundings? If not, do something to change its bad habit.

1. Start from organic food, which is good for health yet more good for environment.

2. Cultivate a good pee habit from early on, in case it run out of your control in a public garden area or some clean outdoor area. Remember what the fox said in “the little prince”: Tame, that’s the aim for your dog.

3, Stop bought it unnessesary clothing just for your own happy feeling, since dog may not feeling very cosy with the shoes or apparel like you thought them would.

Standing High to Enjoy Green Mountain View

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standing on higher ground

I was feeling quite upset by life’s trivals recently, added that the work pressure is heavier than ever. Sometimes it made me hard to breath, I gotta run away for a short time, to let it go.

My sentimental feeling was killing me, mom encourage me to look at the brighter side and she sees nothing serious for me to be upset about. What I need is to close to nature to relieve the stress a little bit, the big city got so fast living rythem and it’s been a while that I haven’t climbed mountains and do the real outdoor green adventure thing.

Climb the mountains, standing high to see better view and broaden your mind. Just like the following  lyric goes like:

Standing on higher ground,
I see the world, And I’m looking from a high place,Way above it all,
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air, While they’re running in a rat race,Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

The Less Time You Sleep, The Shorter You Live

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Sleep quality is quite an important factor to our overall health, which is known by all of us. While seldom anyone follows the suggested lifestyle in the modern city now. The night life seems more  vivid than the days and we don’t leave enought time for our body to have a good rest for the next day’s work or study.

The suggested sleeping hours is 8 hours, and it’s said that, the less you sleeped everyday, your life will be shorted for quite a few days one year. Sounds a little horrible, but it maybe the reality. Even we know all its harm, it’s more easily said then done. Since in the morden big cities like shanghai, it’s very common to spend 1-2 hours in the morning to work place, so if you can into deep sleep in the eleven clock in the night, you can barely sleep up to 8 hours if you have to get up in the morning at 7 clock, for many people, the occasion maybe more worse.

So what about sleep more early at 10 clock ? It’s really hard, since when we get home, it’s nearly 7pm (that’s for my case), and you have to eat supper, do some chores like washing clothing……., the 3 hours during  7- 10 is finally belongs to yourself after a long tiring work, you have more other things to attend to besides sleep.

In spite all the excuse, I have made my mind to sleep more eary in the night for my health matter. To keep a nice sleeping quality, I try to keep my room air more fresh. So I would bought some green plants to my home. I wonder what a great sleeping experience if you can sleep in a room in a beaufiful garden with fresh air.

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