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Time to Organize Your Wardrobe and Cut Down on Waste


If you’ve always scoffed at the idea of hiring an image consultant to make sure you’re dressed properly for your daily routine of hitting the gym, the office, and the grocery store—well, you’re not alone. But beyond just showing you what styles, colors, cuts, and fabrics work best for your body type, an image consultant can help you make your wardrobe more eco-friendly by teaching you how to shop your closet and cut down on clutter.

Bringing in a professional eye to assess your fashion lineup gives you the unbiased analysis you likely can’t give yourself—she doesn’t care that your best friend’s mom gave you that sweater: it doesn’t fit and you never wear it. But this jewel-toned blouse, on the other hand, complements the skirt that you’d never been able to find a match for. And once you have a closet full of complete outfits, it’s easier to remember what you already own next time you’re shopping-so you won’t end up with five pairs of nearly-identical black pants ever again. You’ll save money (and materials!) by stopping yourself from buying doubles of some items or choosing cuts and styles that you know won’t flatter you. It’s amazing what a little organization can do for you.

Into JNBY Style – Just Naturally Be Yourself

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JNBY – That’s what i’m crazy in love with recently, kind of “Remorse over late acquaintence” 相见恨晚.

Lets see what the brand trying to express itself:

Conceptual, natural clothes for urban living people. Individual, Transformer clothes design, free style, Great opportunity for modern clothes lovers

Originality: How to become more eye-catching in ever-changing fashion world? Just naturally be yourself. With creative style and surprising details that inspired from fusion trends and real life, our core value of originality has been fulfilled in every single product.

Quality: fine natural materials, such as cotton, ramie, hemp, silk and wool, are used in most of our products. These breathable and environment-friendly fabrics create the wearing comfort, and also make you look good with natural elegant colors and texture.

Fun: single apparel can be dressed in many ways. Depends on what mood you are in, a top also could be a skirt, a shawl or even a scarf. Beyond the basic function, our designs bring in more fun while you are trying on them.

Style of the store: industrial post – modernism design

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  • Published: Jan 10th, 2010
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JNBY – Made from Natural Materials

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I’m a new fan for JNBY, a Chinese fashion clothing brand that got a lot of fans all national wide. I was attracted by its special  flavor and style that make you special in the crowd.

All of JNBY clothing is said to be made from natual materials and all materials are environmental friendly and comfortable to wear – designed for you only.

That’s one of the reason for its successful entry to the foreign market, since eco idea is more easily to be accepted by picky Americans or Europeans.

I personaly think I’m very suitable for its style and expression, tall and slim girls are the best presentation for their design.

Save Electricity to Reduce Life Cost

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The other day, I was surprised by the ecectricty cost we have used in the last two monthes. Apart from the air-condition, we haven’t got any other large electricity consumer in our home.

The life cost is really too high for us to bear, every two month, the water cost 100 RMB, the electricity cost 300 RMB (summer would be more), in fact, we all stay in the office during the day, only use water and electrity during the night, and it has cost so much. No wonder some family which got 4 or more people at home, would cost a lot more, maybe 1000 RMB Every two month.

We should really think about how to save energy from now on, maybe open the air condition and water heater only after 9pm, keep the light out when no one in the room, anyway, life cost is so high in big cities.

Be more green lifestyle oriented, use the air condition less, enjoy natural breeze. Open the window, let the fresh air coming in. Sometimes, no sweat is no good in summer. Sweating is at the same time letting go of the body toxic.

How Often Do You Go to the Wild Green

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How Often Do You Go to The Wild Green

In the big cities, wild green spot is less and less, in the replace of it, there is so many artificial green spots or gardens. If you got enough time and energy and above all, a wild car, then you are ready to go, to reach the wild nature green area where is far from the cities, maybe hours away.

You would it worth the oil cost you spend and the time driving, cause it’s so great to breath the fresh air, the air without the gas release flavor and the peaceful sound makes your soul calm down.

Some unkown flower or fancy colors may becomes a great picuture in your Cannon 40D and take your time to enjoy.

I have to say, every coin has two sides, and wild area may got some dangerous part to mention you with. After seeing so many horrific movies that talking some werid guy lerking in some wild and far area, do you scare of the faraway wild area ever since then ? Do do not leave the civilization for too far and don’t do to some places even without cellphone signal.

So enjoy your outdoor life in the wild green area.

Your Pet also Needs to Go Green

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do go green

You figure you are going green in every possible way? Maybe, but check your pet, is it also living a eco life and produce less harmful things to the surroundings? If not, do something to change its bad habit.

1. Start from organic food, which is good for health yet more good for environment.

2. Cultivate a good pee habit from early on, in case it run out of your control in a public garden area or some clean outdoor area. Remember what the fox said in “the little prince”: Tame, that’s the aim for your dog.

3, Stop bought it unnessesary clothing just for your own happy feeling, since dog may not feeling very cosy with the shoes or apparel like you thought them would.

Is Your Transportation Vehicle Go Green

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We all like to take about how our surrouding environmen is been polluted and complained about where has the fresh air gone. But do we stop and ask ourselves ? Is our life go green ? Have we limited the time we use our car or any other wheeled vehicles that emits exhaust gas ?

What we could do is so easy and sounds trivial, but “Many a little makes a miracle“. As for me, I brought in a new electric bike recently, it’s such a convenient transportation choice, added its speed can be up to 30km/h, that’s enough if you only got around the city area within 20 kilometers.What it consumes is only electricity power, no gas at all.

You should say, the best way would be a mountain bike, why bother the electric bike :) You know, sometimes, girls are lazy, let alone when there is time with hungry stomach.

So use your car less, join the bike clan, whether it’s an electric bike or mountain bike. It can helps you losing weight at a bonus.

Green Lifestyle by Saying no to Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags has been banned in China supermarkets for several monthes now, and even though the supermaket still provides plasitc bag , but they are not free anymore. I was kind of forgetful at first and have to buy them when going shopping.

But later on, I keep the great habit of carrying a lager paper bag in my handbag. They are of great help. When I go to the food market after work, I use them to carry the vegetables or fish that used to be put in a plastic bag, when I get home, I got them washed and dryed for next time use. I find them more handy and easier to carry than plastic bags.

So I kind of catch up with the trends of “go green” living, and I still got a long way to go. For example, in last tree planting day, I haven’t got time to plant any trees. And I even use the garden as a vegetable planting spot :)

Anyway, from the bottom heart, I want my life to stay green and eco, and I made my actions little by little.

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