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So Simple, Yet So Elegant

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Cute Flower Decor Idea

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Heaven is here. Cute color.


Paint Your Fence White and Put a Pink Rose

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It looks very much like Old Blush Climbing Rose or Albertine, though Peggy Martin also looks similar. Very pretty!

The pink solution is irresistable to the girls.

paint my fence white and put a pink rose on

Sweet Garden Plants – Purple Love

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My favorite color combination!

sweet garden plants

Garden bouquet that would intoxicate you.

The beautiful Anemone



The beautiful AnemoneAnemone that flowers for six months wins plant of the year in the Chelsea Flower Show 2011. Anemone, also known as the Pasqueflower, Wind Flower ,Likes cool, moist, sunny environment, the more cold, avoid high temperature and humidity. Hi moist, well drained fertile loam.Greek Anemone is the meaning of the wind. Anemone height from ten to twenty centimeters, are annual herbs. Flowering season, the lovely flowers sway in the breeze, as in the eagerly looking forward to something, so it is the language of flowers - look forward to.

 Those who are born this blessed people to spend, romance, love dreams. However, they have to understand that reality is not so good !

Tulip – Flower of Love

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tulips of love

Different kinds of flowers got different meanings. That’s why people sending differnet flowers in different ocassions and to different receiver. Tulip, is a flower of love. To let you know better, I listed it’s connotations below:

Tulip (General) – Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Emblem Of Holland, Luck
Tulip (Red) – Believe Me, Declaration Of Love
Tulip (Variegated) – Beautiful Eyes
Tulip (Yellow) -There’s Sunshine In Your Smile

Growing tulip flowers can be a highly enjoyable and creative activity, especially when you educate yourself on the craft of tulip bulb planting. The types of tulip flowers and the time of year that you first plant tulip bulbs depend upon where you live in the world.

Other time, I saw a beautiful lady in the garden smelling the scent of tulip. What a nice impression.

The Red Leaves Caught My Eyes


sweet leaves

She is alone, but she is beautiful.

Saw this lone red leaf in a tree among all yellow ones. It obviously caught my eye. It’s all natural’s creation of a great color composition.

I love autumn because of these senery and these colors, I love them so much. In addition to the obvious beauty of the photo, I really like the soft light background. it gives it all an air of elegance.

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Out of the Window

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Autumn is the most beautiful seaon in my eyes, the leaves are turning yellow, with a bit of green still there, the color is so amazing. It’s the best season for photo talking.

Out of my home window, it got great view with trees, villa. Well, I’m not living in a villa, me just happen to be live near them, just across a street, and they have become my view out of the window.

It makes me feel so clean inside, take a deep breath and look faraway. It’s very rare to enjoy these vision in big cities, where cold tall buiding are surrouding us, making us breathless and cold. I feel so lucky to have those amazing views around me eveyday.

yellow leaves autumn

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