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Lovely Eco Cotton Bedding in the Bedroom

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It makes me want to touch it very badly. Very nice color combination and also made of eco fabric, it is so great to be your new intimate friend every night.


Lovely patterns there, very artfully showed their beauty. The cotton is from Egypt, where produces world’s greatest cotton fabric.  Gray and white is perfect match.

Eco & Green Website Design

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If your industry is eco related, then you would gonna love this site design.


It looks so nice and dorable. It will greatly improve the company’s brand awareness and impage impression.

Cork Design Flooring with its Natural Feel

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When choosing your flooring, think about this one. Cork flooring is the ultimate in ‘eco-chic’ and its style possibilities and eco-benefits are endless.


Bamboo flooring and cork flooring brought to life with rich, deep and vibrant colors with the utmost durability, flexibility and transparency.

Eco-chic with Cork Design

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Been eco friendly and at the same time staying chic? The following provides the solution.


Cork flooring is the ultimate in ‘eco-chic’ and its style possibilities and eco-benefits are endless. Having long been a staple in many European homes, cork flooring is now becoming more common in the United States because of its exquisite design possibilities, durability, reliability, and eco-friendly features.

Natural History in the Form of Ceiling


Section of ceiling in The Natural History Museum, London.


The Natural History Museum is a beautiful building in itsel. The artful ceiling collections impress me a lot and it looks magnificent.

Green Visual Impression

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Green visual impression


It’s beatifully blurred, with a sense of oil painting added. If seems like it exist in your dreams somewhere.

Abstract as it is, and simple color used, but amazingly nice.

Cosy Green Wall Paint

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Green wall paint, how do you like it? Feeling natural and cosy already ? OR find it too shinning for an internal decoration.


green wall paint goes well with many colors, including earth tones ranging from brown to golden yellow to pure white. The green color should be carefully chosen,  since there were different kinds of green. Be sure it makes your eye feel easy and comfortable and more close to natural style.

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