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How to Keep a Nice Sleep Quality

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I figure many people would have the same problem concerning sleepquality at night, having trouble getting good sleep through the night (i.e. tossing, turning, waking up more than once), it seems that a peaceful night’s slumber is so hard to get. But there is a few tips which might be helpful.

Get on schedule. Your internal “biological clock”matters. Varifying your get bed time too often may get your body tired by adjusting to different routine. So try to keep the same time, for say, at 11pm, to get to sleep each night, no matter it’s weekend or not.

Be mindful of what you have eaten or drank before bed. A too full or too empty stomach would both interrupt your sleep. Keep a 3 hours time for the food to digest and avoid spicy food or spirit lifting drink like coffee or alchol.

Keep the room dark. Totally black is the best, but sometimes it’s hard to achive this. Since we many have some little light on the router or we need to light a mosquite killing light. My suggetion is cover them up with a cloth or something.

Change your sleeping position. Pick whatever position that makes your feel cosy and comfortable but just avoid totally down turn.

Exercise: Do some sort of exercise everyday may help your sleep greatly, like swiming, jogging…..

Healthy lifestyle may changed your life.

Tulip – Flower of Love

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tulips of love

Different kinds of flowers got different meanings. That’s why people sending differnet flowers in different ocassions and to different receiver. Tulip, is a flower of love. To let you know better, I listed it’s connotations below:

Tulip (General) – Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Emblem Of Holland, Luck
Tulip (Red) – Believe Me, Declaration Of Love
Tulip (Variegated) – Beautiful Eyes
Tulip (Yellow) -There’s Sunshine In Your Smile

Growing tulip flowers can be a highly enjoyable and creative activity, especially when you educate yourself on the craft of tulip bulb planting. The types of tulip flowers and the time of year that you first plant tulip bulbs depend upon where you live in the world.

Other time, I saw a beautiful lady in the garden smelling the scent of tulip. What a nice impression.

Sheep On a hill of a Green Land


Lawn mowing Sheep in Tuscany.

While driving on the Road from Siena to Asciano, there are those sheeps on this hill so if you can quickly turned the steering wheel around and went onto a gravel path, even though your car is not really made for such roads, and it was pretty bumpy, but finally when you got to this vantage point – it was worth it!

The color combinition was so beautiful with white sheeps and green land.

lawn cute sheep

Beautiful Road Curves


green land

The path goes up to a small hill from which you have a beautiful view at the forest and the river Neckar. I like the curves and the way in which the trail runs through the photo.

The curve road feels much better walking on them than those straight ones, and it looks better in the top.

The grass is so green and air so clean, so it must be a great enjoyment walking with your dog or friends over there. It’s in some Germen villiage.

No Blue Sky for Quite a While


Haven’t seen blue sky for a while, and it has yet became the most precious natual wonders in my city, Nanjing. Well, a pretty common natural phenomenon has become a natural wonder, doesn’t that seem to be a little ridiculars and funny.

Lots of things to be blamed for the increasing air pollution in Nanjing: the purely naked construction sites, city everywhere are buiding things (subway, new houses). So the dust is overwhelmingly around us.

The blue sky project must have become a laughting joke.

blue sky

Take Away the Very Heart of Me



If you leave me now, you’ll take away the very heart of me

No baby please don’t go

A love like ours is love that’s hard to find, How could we let it slip away. We’ve come too far to leave it all behind. How could we end it all this way. When tomorrow comes we’ll both regret. Things we said today

Short poem that suit this picture very much.

The Red Leaves Caught My Eyes


sweet leaves

She is alone, but she is beautiful.

Saw this lone red leaf in a tree among all yellow ones. It obviously caught my eye. It’s all natural’s creation of a great color composition.

I love autumn because of these senery and these colors, I love them so much. In addition to the obvious beauty of the photo, I really like the soft light background. it gives it all an air of elegance.

Growing Your Dreams Like this Way


I like rainbows and crayons. and this just blows my mind with love. Crayons are so old stuff in my memories, I bet no one would have these at home enless you are an painter or artistist something.

It reminds me something when I was young. so sweet.

Let the creation or idea growing.

growing your dreams

That’s Why it’s Called Golden Season


Between this women and the leaves, all we can feel and touch is beauty of autumn. The light is controlled so perfectly.

Think about it, going on a bike ride in autumn when it is actually warm, and the leafs are falling and rustling.  The feeling must be great. The sun was up there for the perfect light of it, not so bright, yet warm and shinning.

This moment can’t be repeat every day and every hour, we shall capture this natual’s beautity with our camera.

golden season

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Out of the Window

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Autumn is the most beautiful seaon in my eyes, the leaves are turning yellow, with a bit of green still there, the color is so amazing. It’s the best season for photo talking.

Out of my home window, it got great view with trees, villa. Well, I’m not living in a villa, me just happen to be live near them, just across a street, and they have become my view out of the window.

It makes me feel so clean inside, take a deep breath and look faraway. It’s very rare to enjoy these vision in big cities, where cold tall buiding are surrouding us, making us breathless and cold. I feel so lucky to have those amazing views around me eveyday.

yellow leaves autumn

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