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Encounter the Wild Blackberries


wild blackberries

Wild blackberries comes into my sight! Love the simplicity! it tastes great too. I love my blackberries in my garden, yummy. This is a great capture of these sweet berries!

The plain back ground makes them stand out even more, and the one unripe blackberry draws your eye in again! I love picking blackberries in the wild!

A simple and beautiful composition, and the high-key background is quite pleasant here.

Feeling the Grass in an Misty Day


misty atmosphere

i like the contrast between the boat and the woman! the misty atmosphere also adds a lot to the photo!

Don’t you love it when someone wearing an orange or red jacket comes along at just the right time?!?

Beautifully composed everything is just in the right place, of course that little splash of red makes it extra special

Cute Green Purse in Her Hands


Cute Green Puse

she’s such a sweet little peanut!! love her green purse!! now she’s ready to go shopping w/ mommy! :)

uh oh, mommy! you’re gonna be in trouble soon. . . she’s gonna want money + makeup to put in her purse! ; )

she is so beautiful as is this image! look at her eyes, she is so proud of her purse!

Too sweet for words. Lovely colour tones too.

she is gorgeous, and you do such an amazing job of capturing her expressions. these tones are just dreamy!

Clean Countryside in Braives, Belgium

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countryside in Braives, Belgium

I was in the countryside with my pencil and eye, The clouds above did glide, through the morning sky.

Every wish was dream true, as the breeze was swaying: Spring grass of the new in the moments playing. My spirit felt its love as new thoughts were waking!

Like a cloud here far above, Swiftly flights soaring taking.

Taken photos and drew sketches that match the whole feeling, what a creative job.

Indonesia Natural Wonder


Indonesia green mountain

Awesome waking up to this – totally amazing, lots of strange sounds in the air, and quite a contrast from Melbourne.

green shades! breathtaking shot of it. All the green with the fog hanging around is beautiful! the trip is amazing. all of unknow beauty is yet to be discovered.

i can hear the sounds and feel the mist

Unmarked Lane in the California’s Wine Country


unmarked lane in the California's wine country

I am not sure where this leads, but this is the first in a series that will cover each of the 4 seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, because the leaves will turn Red in late November and then be bare for a couple of months until spring in February or early March. it will look different each time.

The map shows exactly where this is. It is right off the road, but no easy parking is available. And make sure nowone is driving towards you!

The Unclouded Blue Clear Sky



What a horizon it is. The unclouded blue clear sky make our mind in peace.

From the nature of love, where its touches is feeling of our times going by, While life is thru wheeling in the turntables of the sky.

The real color of nature has been rarely shows nowadays, or it’s that we did’t spend time to look for its magic.

What is there in yonder? Where my eyes can’t see

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