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Green Corner at Home Makes You Happy


green corner in the house

Growing something in your balcony to make the area lively and smells good too. If you are having a bare balcony, then it’s time to start now. For the plants choice, choose the ones that are not so complicated to treat with.

It’s a mood liftup when you saw them growing happily like this. Make a beautiful corner for yourself, a corner that will make you happy in a sunday afternoon, when the sunshine is good.

Green Wall and White Lamp

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Green wall and white lighting

This is another successful case of green wall and white lighting group. Perfect pair, never out of fashion. I would like to create one corner like this one, but wondering where can i find this special white ceiling lamp. Wow, it’s so so cute and beautiful.

Choose the green wall color carefully, since there is many kinds of green, make sure it’s the one you want.

Green Paint in Your Kitchen


green paint in your kitchen

So next time, i would like to paint my kitchen wall to green, just like this one, which is so great, oh, don’t forget to buy another white ceiling light, it’s the best color for the green wall.

Preparing food around here must be joyful. I’m wonderting there the cute bunny come from, say hi to her.

Living Room Green Wall


living room green wall

There tree decor sticker on the green wall is from Vinyl wall decor. The cosy green wall color make it perfect for the sticker. So I finnally settle on the 3 trees, well, acturall, there is 6 trees in all, and  I am still wondering where i’m gonna  put the other 3 yet…..

It lookes so nice under the lighting, and welcome natual at home, welcome green.

Growth Chart Tree Sticker for Your Children’s Room


Growth Chart Tree Sticker

Every growing child may need a Growth Chart, which adds a lot of joy to life. Getting taller and taller, won’t it such an intersting thing to get one of these in your children’s room. Just offer this cute idea for decoring your chidren’s room, while it won’t spend you too much at all.

Take care of the Growth Chart Tree color, to make it fitable to the whole room color, especially the wall color.

It’s a new kind of sticker that won’t spoil your walls and can be water resistant.

Green Bamboo Home Decor Sticker


green bamboo home decor sticker

Simple is beauty, I like this one very much, full of artistic flavor. The floor color is so special and making you feel close to natural, while the green bamboo home decor sticker is like perfect decor from this angle.

I would feel like sitting here, reading something for lesuire or enjoying a cup of green tea. What a great corner. Life needs such creation, to make ordinary to extrodinary.

Ikea Green Cushion I liked So Much


ikea cushion

I found this cushion in Ikea, and i love it’s textile and its inner material, not like normal cushion, it never be out of shape. It’s made of special inner meterial and its color for choose is cute and lovely for a great decor at home.

Expect the price is not cute at all, it’s RMB 100, allmost triple the price for a normal cushion. So i was still wondering if i shall bring them home next week.

I’d like to put it onto my floating window.

Enjoy the Cool Air in Limite Amounts


Enjoy the Cool Air in Limite Amounts

There is so many chinese healthy theories that sounds great and as summer is coming, the following maybe of help when keeping you healthy during summer hot season.

Cool wind blowing on summer nights and feels really comfortable, making the night not as hard to bear. Thus, a lot of people sleep with the windows open, and even move their beds to the hallway where it’s drafty.

On Summer Nights Avoid the Wind to Avoid the “Arrows”

A proverb says, “On summer nights avoid the wind to avoid the arrows”; pathogenic wind can cause many kinds of ailments. In the summer the body’s skin pores expand, and after we fall asleep our immune resistance drops. Additionally, in the latter half of the night the wind is colder, and at this time it’s extremely easy for the body to suffer an invasion of pathogenic wind.

Getting wind can lead to a heat cold, facial paralysis, joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder inflammation, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc. Therefore one should enjoy the cool air in limited amounts and put a blanked over one’s abdomen before sleeping. It’s inadvisable to choose to stay in a drafty room, and one can’t just spread a summer sleeping mat and sleep on a cement floor.

Fine Sleeping Mat for Summer


Fine Sleeping Mat for Summer

Choose a suitable cool sleeping mat for your bed can make you a better sleeping at hot summer night.

Some say, we can use air-condition, why bother buy an cool mat, that will catch cold. Personally i’m not like air condition very much since i would feel not so comfortable in them. I like to open the window and sleep on my cool mat.

Anyway, the supermarket has a load of cheap ones, with thin strips of bamboo rather than the squares shown in the pic, so I picked one up to give it a shot – and I’m loving it. Much cooler for sleeping on, and although it feels a little odd at first you get used to it pretty quickly.

Not sure how popular these actually are – they must sell enough to justify having them in the supermarket, but all the Chinese people I ask say they either use air-con, don’t find them comfortable, or warn me that I’m going to catch a cold. Never seen them outside of China, but it’s not like I’ve been that many places, and back home keeping cool is usually the least of problems.

China Amusement Park Tradegy Similar to “The Final Destination”

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amusement ride accidents

For us who have watched the American horrible movie “the final destination”, we all remember the scenario in the amusement park, where there is a expolosion happened that caused many tragical dead.

Now, it comes reality in Shenzhen,China.

In one of the deadliest amusement ride accidents in modern history, six people were killed and at least ten were injured when a space shuttle simulator malfunctioned at at Ecoventure Valley theme park in Shenzhen, China. The indoor ride, called Space Journey, consists of 11 cabins, each with the capacity to hold four passengers. Witnesses said that there was a loud noise, smoke filled the air, the lights went out, and machine oil started to spray. They said that some of the 44 riders on board were ejected from their cabins, which crashed into each other and fell 40-50 feet to the ground.

Be more careful when you play these activities later on.

Why not Take Some High-temperature Vacation


High-temperature Vacation

Thanks to global warming, now the summer sun is fiece then ever. What a torture for going to work everyday, with the office air-condition not working so good. By the way, i had more words to say about the condition in our office building, what a terrible quality, only two years, the air-condition is not working and so hard to be repared.

God, we now use ice brick to conquer the hot feeling. I heard many western countries would have high-temperature vacation, so envy of them. In China, it’s totally impossible, unless in some very good enterprises.

When we also get some days off for high-temperature vacation, i wanna escape from the high-temperature for a little while.

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