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My Plan for the Coming Dragon Boat Festival


After continuing working for 3 days, i have even lost passion for the dragon boat festival, 3 days is too short for long way travelling, and maybe we would go to Jiangjunshan, and then Ikea for a little home decor items.

I would get myself a new pair of glassware and there seems so much things to be attend to and so happy we would have a longer holiday off, and then next week, two days work, holiday again.

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional china holiday, and it’s great time to hang around with friends and with family members.

How to Get Bigger Fish


We are green hand for fish hunting and has a long way to go towards veteran. We are trouble how to get bigger fish since we are so tired of eating the carps, we’d like to cook  some fish fillets.

Two hours waiting can’t insure you can get one big straw carp, that’s sad.  I wish next time i would be so lucky to get one.

I like the beautiful views and casual mood when fish hunting, that’s a great way for relaxing from hard work.

First Fish Hunting Experience


I was so lucky to live near a water reservoir, with beautiful mountain views, so i’d like vey much to accomplish my boyfriend to there and me just handing around, haze and watch him fish hunting and playing with the fish.

He like fish hunting from childrenhood, and for many years, he don’t fish hunting, now chances come that we live near the nice water reservoir, so he picked up the old hobby and i have great fish dish to eat, so happy too.

It’s not very hard to get fish eating in the water reservoir, the hardest part is to get more bigger fish, like the grass carp.

Xizang is a Place Worth a Second Time


Xizang is so so far away from our city, and i never thought about going there, until today when i was chatting with my friends cathy, and she told me she want to go there for a second time, and he was saving money for this, it needs quite a lot of money.

So what is the magic about Xizang, and why some travelling geek so crazy about it, i learned something from book, but it requires self experience, not just checking it in books, i wish i can got the time and money to do this.

It’s in my travelling plan list, while i got many list and with none of them accomplished, i really feel so lazy of myself.

Green Wood Option at Home Design


Living a green world at home start from your home decor project. We all have to use wood for furniture, so why not choose the green wood?

The green, real wood furniture choice is sustainable wood. When loggers chop down trees for sustainable wood they plant more trees in its place.  This ensures that the forest will continue to thrive long after the loggers leave. Sustainable wood is also harvested using methods that are both eco-friendly and that will promote future tree growth.

You’ll know your furniture was made from sustainable wood with a certification of verification.  A certificate verifying that the wood was harvested in a sustainable manner accompanies the furniture.

Do have a second choice when choosing wood material.

Take Beautiful Shot of Your Home Area


When there is a sunny day, i would like to take some photoes of the green view outside in our home area. It’s a very nice neibourhood for cosy living. Many plants, flowers, clean water, while it’s not so good as compared to our next door villa, who may got more expensive trees and plants and more decent design of the home area, but for a normal citizen, i feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, so satisfied.

When i walk near home after work, what moves into my eyes is a mountain view not far way, that makes my mood relaxed and happy, and take a look around, green green view, just like a garden.

Feeling Like Living in a Garden


So much green trees around our house, and since there is two villa area in our north and west, so we can enjoy their green design as well, i can site in my floating window and look at the nice fountain view of our next door villa. So everyday, when i finally at home after 1 hours long time on the road, i feel much relaxed when so much green and fresh air coming to my face and eyes.

I love here so much, that’s the home i’m searching for so much time, with convinience living facilities nearby, with a very large supermaket, so much restaurents just across the road, but we can still enjoy the peaceful and nice envirenment, since those facilities are not on us side, but just near us. Our place still keeps clean and quiet for a cosy living.

Indoor Green Plants Varieties


Successful growth of indoor green plants requires that you choose those varieties that will thrive in your interior environment. If you’ve been unlucky, and dubbed yourself a ‘plant killer’ it is likely due to the plant choices you’ve made. By simply improving these choices, you’ll have more success growing houseplants. Combine this with good advice from knowledgeable professionals and you’ll see your ‘black thumb’ start to turn a lovely shade of green.

Don’t let anyone fool you — indoor gardening is just as fun as having an outdoor garden. In fact, indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them, but they act as a quick decorating tool.

Chinese Evergreen is an excellent selection for beginning green thumbs because it’s a low-light lover and low maintenance. It’s also rated highly as an indoor purifier.

Wonder What Floor Mop to Choose


If I stop the cleaning job for just one week, the floor would be covered with dust, i feel so tired everyday and don’t want to clean the floor. I wonder if a helpful floor mop could relieve my pain and make my cleaning job easy.

Maybe i don’t choose the right mop, that caused all the trouble, I wonder if the 3M brand magic mop really sound so good like what the promotion ad?

Cleaning job is a tedious work for most of the people as it usually leads to body pain and back pain. For floor cleaning, one has to bend down on one’s knees for drying the floor, and this posture can bring about adverse effects on the body. The advent of floor cleaning mops has eliminated all such hassles. These mops are provided with long handles that help the user to work in a comfortable standing position. There are even models with adjustable handles for you to adjust the size as per your convenience.

Green Kitchen Cabinet for Lively Look


This kitchen evokes a very casual, informal feel, much like a getaway home or mountain retreat. While green gives the kitchen a very calming, relaxed ambience.

Add a little green to your kithen is a nice idea, whether to choose a green kitchen cabinet or a green background wall, or use a green kitchenware, it should be cool.

Remember to adjust green color cleverly with other colors in your kitchen, to make it seem harmonious.

If you are searching for a lively look when cooking, green is a nice choice for achieving this purpose.

Green Kitchen Cabinet Color


My kitchen cabinet color is green. Green represents eco, natural, so kind of making you feel relaxed when cooking.

Green works will to balance red and orange. For a kitchen, a darker shade of green may work the same as black. It is probably best to stay away from the darker greens and and stick with the lighter shades.

Green kitchen cabinet color is a popular choice it seems, but should make careful study of whether the green is you want or not, since green has many kinds of style.

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