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  • Published: Nov 25th, 2009
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Garbage Incinerator, No Damage to Enviroment ?

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Thousands of residents in the Panyu district in the Guangdong provincial capital city of Guangzhou have signed a petition opposing construction of a garbage incinerator in their neighborhood.

“Although relevant government departments have promised the facility will meet the State’s environment protection requirements, we still worry the project will pollute the environment and harm our health,” said a resident from Riverside Garden housing development.

Burning garbage will generate dioxin, which can cause cancers, said the resident, who only gave his family name Wang.

In Wang’s housing estate alone, more than 1,300 residents have so far signed up to oppose construction of the project, according to Wang.

“I believe the number of residents who oppose the project will continue to grow in the following months,” Wang told China Daily Monday.

Those info are from China Daily, this serious problem is going on and come not come to an end. People are still trying to change the plan, but it seems impossible since there is big profit nearly 50000 million RMB behind it.

  • Author: Tracy
  • Published: Nov 25th, 2009
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“2012″ Fears on End of the World

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2012 is the “disaster movie” tha luckily got the ticket to enter into Chinese cinema. That’s also luck for Chinese audience since the vision enjoyment is terrific and supass our expectation.

The reason why it got approved by Chinese government is partly due to its flatter on China in  movie lines and themes. Chinese must have been contribute a lot to their overall ticket office,  the money profit behind the whole thing make Americans film makers wish to make those compromise to flatter Chinese people a little bit. :)

2012 is based on some scientific reasons and we’d better control global warming now to save some more living space for our generations.

It’s the third time the film director destroyed the whold world, this time, he did it in a very shocking way. I wonder what would the disaster film director do next year, to destroy the world again.

Indeed, a great movie to watch in the cinema.

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