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Tulip Wonder in The Green Field


The tulip has come to be a loved symbol of the Netherlands. Many tourists visit the country just to see the bright coloured flower and the astonishing view over the bulb fields. The season begins in March with crocuses, followed by the daffodil and the yellow narcissi. In April the hyacinths and tulips blosssom to some time in mid May, depending on the weather. Later, in August it is time for the gladioli. Even when spring is over, the Netherlands is still a garden, visitors can enjoy flowers in the Netherlands all year round.

From April to September fantastic flower parades are held throughout the country. The Bollenstreek Flower Parade is the biggest parade and is held at the end of April every year. The origin of the parade dates 50 years back in time when initiators of various small parades in the villages of the Bollenstreek decided to go together and organize one big parade. Floats with 1.5 million of different flowers are created by enthusiastic volunteers who are working on this for months. Popular flowers for these floats are daffodils and hyacinths, but in some parts of the country, only dahlias are beeing used. The Bloemencorso Valkenswaard is a smaller parade which also includes folk dancing and street theatre.

The Kerstflora (X-mas Flora) Show is held every year in December, a five day show of house plants and flowers grown under glass. In Lisse, the Museum De Zwarte Tulp or The Balck Tulip, have a extensive collection of historical material on the flower. This includes information about the cultivation and the evolution, drawings, photographs, tools and a look into the bulb trading companies.

The Passion for Flowers in Holland


Holland flower Creations is the result of long time hobby and the passion towards flowers.

With love and passion we make creations for daily display and special events.
Every day we have a team of experienced florists working to create little miracles with flowers, plants and exclusive accessories. We deliver everywhere between Holland and the South of France, at a set schedule and last minute 0rders.

All flowers come straight from the auction in Holland, so we guarantee day fresh flowers, which last like no other flowers you have had before.

Order our creations to give away as a special gift for a special person.
We supply our creations to offices, villa’s, cruise ships and mega yachts.
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Born on Two Wheels

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The Nether lands has more bicycles than inhabitants and has the highest bicycle density in the world. Are the Dutch born on two wheels ? Some people seem to think so. It makes an impression everywhere. Many Dutch people own several bikes: a “decent” one for going on trips, and a regular one – usually and old wreck for daily use, like shopping.

The Netherlands also has the worlds’s highest density of bicycle thieves. Some 800 thousands bikes are stolen every year, quite a record.

This is why the Dutch prefer to use several locks to secure their bicycles to trees, fences, bridges and lampposts.

The Land of Mooo! (Holland)


Celebrated as the world champion of milk producton and cherished as the national favourtite animal, the Dutch cow is almost sacred. The statues erected here and there speak volumes: the Dutch are proud of this die-hard symbol of Dutch prosperity. This love affair does not run deep, however. The Dutch like their steaks.

Green pastures of happily grazing cattle, under a beautiful cloudy sky: you won’t find a more Dutch landscape. It’s an image the touristes appreciate, as do the Dutch. And one that can be found everywhere in the green quilted landscape of four million cows and thirty thousand dairy frms that it the Netherlands.

Hard to Miss Maastricht Cafe


too much strong coffee

No other European cities got so many cafe spots liek Maastricht did. They are everywhere, especially in sunny days, people would enjoy the valurable sunshine, drinking coffee, quite a fine living time, so envy of them.

It happen to be sunday, and all the cafe shops are closed, added the weather is not so adorable like in the summer times, so my boyfriend didn’t catch any pictures of the cafe sceneries.

The city is so small compaired with China big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, it’s impossible to get lost there, and people like to ride bikes there just like us Chinese, and partly for exercise, partly beacause of the distance is so near from here to there.

Sightseeing on the boat is a general travel advise and such a happy experience.

Adorable Little Town – Maastricht


People who want to enjoy a little citybreak in Netherlands and at the same time see something else than just Amsterdam I would reccomend Maastricht.

It´s a 2.5 hours away from Amsterdam and the train ticket is about 30€. Maastricht has lot to offer, many shops and restaurant. The best part of the city is, that it´s quite small so you wont get lost and while you are shopping you can enjoy the old town it self. There are many cathedrals, fortresses and old buildings all around the city so you don´t have to go elsewhere to search them.

Adorable town with great surroundings and friendly people. If you’re into history or architecture at all, this is the place to be! The high-speed train Thalys from Paris to Cologne operates via Aachen, so if you’re on your way to one of those cities, make sure to step out of the train in Aachen before you continue any further. The border of Belgium and Holland is just a short bus ride away too and because of all the commuters, the connections to places like Vaals are really good.

The Art of Living in Maastricht, the Netherlands

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My boyfriend happen to be on business trip in Maastricht, and very lucky of him to be visiting this amazing city.

Maastricht is the sunniest city in Holland. It is a splendid fortified city of Roman origin set on the river Maas. With its location in the most southern part of Holland it is the perfect hub for excursions to Belgium, France, and Germany.

Maastricht is known as the oldest town in Holland and its history stretches back to 50 BC when the Romans set up camp on the banks of the Maas river. Fortification walls still partly surround the city and are part of a magnificent city walk. One monumental hallmark of its wealthy history is the Basilica of Saint Servatius, a medieval cruciform basilica, the core of which dates from 1000 BC! Crypts from the 11th and 12th century have graves of Saint Servatius, the first bishop of Holland. The cathedral was considerably enlarged in the 14th and 15th century and currently hosts an important collection of religious art objects.

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