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What’s so Special about Netherlands


So with less of the romance of France and seriousness of the German, what’s so special about Netherlands, which enjoys the center location of  Europe.

The Netherlands is so closely associated with windmills, that it’s often the first fact people recall about the country. It’s all because of its geogaraphy as a country surrounded by sea. They are always trying to fight land with the sea. The Dutch built windmills for many centuries (and to some extent, the windmills built the country itself, since without them much of the land drainage could not have occured).

Now for any foreign travellers, windmiss is hard to miss in your photos. One of the reason I’m quite interested in netherlands is because my friend is going there for work reasons and wanna to have a good look of it during free time.

Less Noise, Just Green Nature Surrounding You

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For anyone like me who haven’t got chance to hiking the huangshan Xihai Grand Canyon, imagination is going in my head for days, I want very much to go there to experience all the amazing sceneries myself with my lover.

It is recommended that visitors hiking into the Xihai Grand Canyon travel according to their physical ability. This area can be dangerous, especially to the elderly and young children. There is no mode of transport in or out of the canyon other than your own two feet, so this must be kept in mind before a hike is planned. It is highly recommended that visitors only take what is absolutely necessary when hiking into the Xihai Grand Canyon. Porters are available, but they cost money to have them come along. In many parts of the canyon there is no cell-phone signal, and getting aid to hikers is difficult, so it is important that hikers are prepared for any situation before heading out.

Although taking a hiking tour through the Xihai Grand Canyon is a workout, it is defiantly worth it. The views are amazing and because this area is so inaccessible, the area is fairly untouched. Most visitors hiking through the canyon will not see another human until they exit it at the other end. It is a great way to get in touch with nature, and experience some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

Fairly Untouched Green Wonder in Huangshan

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Why is it worth it to work though the Xihai Grand Canyon, althought it’s a very hard journey ? Its beauty is hard to describe in words, so if you don’t want to leave any regrets when you go to huangshan, it’s highly recommended to hiking the Xihai Grand Canyon, preceded by some proper preparations.

When hiking through the Xihai Grand Canyon, the scenery constantly changes as visitors go deeper into the canyon. Hiking down the stone steps that cling to the precipices, visitors are surrounded by breath-taking surroundings that make photo taking elementary. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo in this area. The Xihai Grand Canyon is known for its ancient pines and bizarre rock formations. The ancient pines are growing from crevices of rock, and because of this, they are unable to grow straight and tall as they would if they were growing in flat soil. This combined with wind and weather, have twisted these pines into living sculptures. The rock formations in the Xihai Grand Canyon have also taken on bizarre forms. Due to millions of years of wind and rain, the rocks have been worn into shapes resembling ancient sages and mythological creatures. Surrounded by this gallery of nature’s art, visitors cannot help but be spellbound.

For visitors wanting to get the best experience on their tour it is recommended that they stay overnight at a hotel on Huangshan Mountain and get up as early as 4:30 to catch the amazing sunrise from the mountain before beginning their hike.

Hiking in Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon

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Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon is a very famous spot in huangshan, which counts for 80% of the total entrance ticket value. But if you are going with the travel group organized by the traval agency, you would totally miss the opportunity of hiking in xihai grand canyon, since it requires lots of time and patience, so travel agency don’t want to do this project. It’s only you do a self-help travelling that you can enjoy the real beauty of Huangshan.

There is a saying goes like: if you don’t come to xihai west sea grand canyon in huangshan, then you are coming to huangshan in vain.

Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon also commonly referred to as the Magic Scenic Area, is one of the most beautiful sites on Huangshan Mountain. Recently hiking trips through this canyon has becoming extremely popular. The hiking route for hiking through the Xihai Grand Canyon follows a “V” shaped route. The two entrances of this tour, the Walking Fairyland Bridge in the south and the Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion in the north, have an elevation of 1320 and 1430 meters above sea level respectively, while the elevation of the canyon’s lowest point, the Tianhai, north of Walking Fairyland Bridge, is just 600 meters above sea level. Beginning at either of the two entrances, a hike through the Xihai Grand Canyon is 9.6 kilometers long and takes approximately four hours. Starting at the entrance, hikers travel downhill deeper into the canyon.

Once reaching the Tianhai (Haixin Pavilion), the lowest point of the hike, visitors will then begin to ascend until reaching the exit. Hiking the Xihai Grand Canyon is a bit of an adventure, so visitors are suggested to pace themselves and walk at a comfortable pace.

Do You Worry about Those Additives in Food


food additives

It seems food can not live with additives, where can you find the perfect organic food which is 100% natural, no chemical ? Nowhere as far as i have seen. I will list the food that we eat daily.

Milk: Every morning, my family would drink milk, I figure that they definitly added some additives to make the milk more tasty and smell good.

Beverage: When going out and happen to be thirsty, beverage is the choice. God knows they contain additives that are not healthy.

Even you are in the food mall to buy fresh food, you would encounter those dangerous area where additives are used, such as the fish, do you know what they put in the fish water to keep the fish stay alive longer ?

Just name a few.

Totally no additive is not practical, what we need is a health control and be sure they are not hurting our health. What we can also do is to drink less beverage and return to blank water.

Save Electricity to Reduce Life Cost

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The other day, I was surprised by the ecectricty cost we have used in the last two monthes. Apart from the air-condition, we haven’t got any other large electricity consumer in our home.

The life cost is really too high for us to bear, every two month, the water cost 100 RMB, the electricity cost 300 RMB (summer would be more), in fact, we all stay in the office during the day, only use water and electrity during the night, and it has cost so much. No wonder some family which got 4 or more people at home, would cost a lot more, maybe 1000 RMB Every two month.

We should really think about how to save energy from now on, maybe open the air condition and water heater only after 9pm, keep the light out when no one in the room, anyway, life cost is so high in big cities.

Be more green lifestyle oriented, use the air condition less, enjoy natural breeze. Open the window, let the fresh air coming in. Sometimes, no sweat is no good in summer. Sweating is at the same time letting go of the body toxic.

Release Pressure in Natural Oxygenous Bar

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One reason I want very much to travel recently is because I want to give myself a different kind of mood and feeling. I kind of tired of living eveyday the same, without change, the familiar road everyday, familiar scene. I want to be close to the natural oxygenous bar with many trees and green views to release my pressure out.

Stay too long in the big cites, wanna break out to somewhere far, my desired place would be Anhui Huangshan. But going there need many preparations and that makes me crazy.

Nothing feels better than walking in some natural oxygenous bar, breath the fresh air, no car noise and gas. Recently I got troubled by the rising house price, and I have to take a breath off this. I think with my families’ help, this problem would soon be solved.

Pressure need to be get out of your body to stay healthy. There were different ways to release pressure, go to the natural oxygenous bar is one good way.

Keep Down Angry Emotion to Stay Healthy

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It’s well known that our mental and emotional states impact our health. As a women, angry emotion may cause much bad effects. So next time, when you are going to be pissed off, try to calm down, and to take it easy.

Angry may influence your incretion system, for example, you may got uncommon periods problems that is very annoying.

Angry may hurt the liver, in Chinese medical theory, bad perfomance of the liver may influence other part of the body. It’s the “Qi” and “Blood” relationship in your body that’s been disturb according to Chinese herbal medical saying.

If you are often angry, than you are more likly to get cancer. In fact, a lot of disease are caused by bad emotion, so a good happy heart is most important to keep us healthy.

Life is not easy, pressure is everywhere, unfair condititon is around us….just ignore those, life is short, living alone is happiness.

Typhoon Morakot Arrived in Nanjing But No Panic


The city we live enjoys a fine climate in thousands of history, that’s why Nanjing was picked by several China emperor as the capital of the country. Our geography advantage is obvious, just take the recent typhoon morakot as an example, the disaster weather has cause many big problems in famous cities like Taiwan, China Guangzhou Province…. But we haven’t sensed any trouble yet.

There is no panic at all, we just have to close our window carefully and cut down the electricity for safety purpose. There is said to be big heavy rain today when the typhoon arrived and nothing happened yet, the weather being cooler and good sleep at night.

I wonder is typhoon morakot influenced your area ?  According to the weather report, it will soon pass us and I can go on planning on my travel too. Action is more important, Time is good for me now, with no family burdon, no child to breed, no fanancial burdon. I’d better use this period to travel more and to touch green natura.

I Wanna Travel to Anhui Huangshan

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China owns hundreds of famous montains, of which the nearest one for me is Anhui Huangshan. Added it’s very beautiful weather recently, so I wanna go there to light up my depressed feeling a little bit. I got too many troubling issues in life and emotion, and can’t talk them all to my boyfriend and I think a short break to the natural outside would help.

I hope my plan would not be ruined by the weather. Talking about the weather, it’s really strange that the supposed to be hot days were not hot at all, I wonder is something wrong with the weather, is it going to be very hot when autumn comes, when it’s supposed to be cool. Anyway, since the montain area got lower tempreture, so it doesn’t matter, the most important thing for us is to find a place to get along the night upon the mountain top since we wanna see the runrise.

Huangshan is 4 hours drive from where we live and it enjoys marvelous views and wonderful naturel wonders. It’s not very wise to go there when in public holidays, it must be very crowd then, it’s better to choose a nice weekend just like what I’m planing. I hope my lazy boyfriend won’t got anything to say to disturb my plan.

How Much it Costs to Buy a Villa with Garden in Shanghai

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A villa with garden, that’s my final dream and everyone’s fantacy. In China, that’s a dream hardly accomplished if you live in the big cities like shanghai. Even if you are rich, but not that rich as to own hundreds of millions, then you can drop this dream, it’s out of the rich of you.

Unlike in America or some western countries, living in a nice villa with garden is very common, can be easily achieved by ordinary middle class, but never the case in China, where only the rich out of rich could afford this kind of lifestyle.

Maybe we Chinese can only blame the pupulation, so good resource is so limited and rare. Now the situation is worse than you think, don’t ever think about the villa anymore, you can barely afford a common apartment in some center city around places in shanghai. A two living room common apartment would cost you 300 million or even more.

Count the total income your whole family would get, probably at most 0.2 million, which is not bad at all compared to many people. But look at the big gap here, you think your whole life would be better off with this burden on your shoulder, even if you are healthy enough to not enter the hospital, people in the earth knows how hard and how expensive to get ill.

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