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Our Mountain Bike Get Rest for too Long

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We haven’t get around to cycling for a month now, and the biggest reason is the weather, too hot to take exercise outside. I decide that if the weather condition permits this weekend, we would take the electric bike and montain bike together outdoor to the “Jiangxinzhou” area in Nanjing to pick grapes, that should be interesting enough.

To eat the so-called organic village cooking dish and taste so many different kinds of grape and pick our favourite….just imaging how happy it would be.

I hope the weather would be just cool as these days. Otherwise, the plan will definitely be ruined and we will have another boring weekend staying at home watching horrific movie.

I put the montain bike to the empty little room and leave the living room tidy, I hope he bought this expensive mountain bike not for an impulse and really use it for keep health reason.

Coolness One in a Thousand in Summer After Eclipse

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Never thought there would be such coolness during the hot summer. Is it for the eclipse happened the other day ?  According to the calendar, it’s the hottest times for the whole summer, but we are enjoying the coolness now, even need to cover in quit during the night sleep. A week before, the day is so hot with tempreture supassing human body tempreture, so this coolness is rare and hard to come by. Bitter sumer is up coming.

The day when the Eclipse happened, the weather suddenly going down, and seems no coming back to the original until now :) So great. I would save a lot electricity bill after 10 days of no using the air-condition.

The coolness is definitely one in a thousand in a city which is said to be the hot melt in summer, too hot to endure at most time.

Open the window at night, cool breeze coming by, deep sleep, nice feeling the next day.

Natural Wonder – Eclipse in Nanjing

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natual wonder eclipse

Bad weather on this special day, there is stormy rainy days since yesterday afternoon in Nanjing. No Eclipse, which is chance of million, has been veiled with heavy clouds and dampened in rain. What a centurial disappointment!

Now the magic moments has gone, the day has been bright again, with rain for sure. I have not been totally disappointed since there is 15 minutes black outside, that’s something big too, and I sensed the temperature going down outside.

It must let down those elipse fans who are coming to nanjing Gaochun district to observe this natural wonder, hardly seeing anything with the clouds so heavy. I was anxious to get home to watch the TV show about this Eclipse, I wonder what is looks like and if there is anything special happended in the world.

Eclipse in Nanjing is ruined by rain, so pity.  But the good thing is, we will have a cool sense of feeling tonight, not that hot anymore.

Eclipse, I will not got the chance to meet you again in my life.

Green Shades for Better Enjoy the Coolness

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green shades

There is old chinese saying goes: green shades for better enjoy the coolness. Whenever there is green trees, the hot feeling would be weaken a little. The tempretures these days is exceeding 37, that’s dangerous since human body is only 36.5, let alone adding up the air-condition sending heat to the outside, the outdoor tempreture is larger than 37.

No other time we want green shades more in the outside, imaging you facing the hot sun in the outside without green shade around you, that’s pretty much torturing. Last time, I choose the pass in the garden to escape the sunshine, and I feel the hotness in the garden is a lot better, even I can sense coolness, so that’s why we need to plant more trees, green trees can improve our weather and make compansation to the damage we humans done to the environment. Besides, it gives you green shades in the hot summer.

I wish every street is covered with green shades, so we won’t sense the bitterness of the sunshine that much and won’t fine the road to work place such a painful one.

Summer too Hot to Endure, Global Warming

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global warming

We would say Global Warming has cause this, that’s what we usually say. But why global warming, in fact no one to blame but ourselves. Look us humens, why we use the air-condition so frequently and for so long time. Do you mind the heat it brings out to the outside. We make too much heat for the nature to take, so it becomes too hot outside.

Why you open two air-condition in the rest room and living room at the same time even one is enought to keep you cool ? Why don’t enjoy the nature breeze in the night when there is windy day and stop the air-condition for one night ? Why…..we have to ask ourselves. Go green lifestyle is not just done in the mouse, it’s in our action.

We all tasted the bitterness of global warming, look at the summer heat, so hotter than before. I live in this city for nearly 6 years and I clearly remember the change in summer. It’s now too hot to endure, a short walking outside would cover me with sweat and even can’t breath. How painful.

No Air-condition Last Night with Cool Nature Breeze

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save global warming

Summer night is so hot in Nanjing recently, we simply call it the “sauna day” with sweat coming out continually. In fact, sweating is not something bad, otherwise, if you don’t sweat often, and keep staying in the air condition room, that’s not good for your health. Sweating is a way to drive your inner virus out.

Now people seem to rely too much on the air-condition, everytime when there is only a little hot sign, you didn’t stop a second to open the air-condition. That’s why the summer is becoming hotter and hotter year by year, partly due to our own air pollution and warm air pouring outside by the condition.

Don’t be such a ridiculous joke that you say green living on the one hand, on the other hand, you didn’t let the air-condition have a little time rest during the summer.

I don’t open it last night, I let the nature breeze comes in, cool nature breeze, seldom gained during night. I feel it great to sleep without any condition noise and artificial coolness.

Air-condition, don’t let it ruin our environment and our health.

How Often Do You Go to the Wild Green

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How Often Do You Go to The Wild Green

In the big cities, wild green spot is less and less, in the replace of it, there is so many artificial green spots or gardens. If you got enough time and energy and above all, a wild car, then you are ready to go, to reach the wild nature green area where is far from the cities, maybe hours away.

You would it worth the oil cost you spend and the time driving, cause it’s so great to breath the fresh air, the air without the gas release flavor and the peaceful sound makes your soul calm down.

Some unkown flower or fancy colors may becomes a great picuture in your Cannon 40D and take your time to enjoy.

I have to say, every coin has two sides, and wild area may got some dangerous part to mention you with. After seeing so many horrific movies that talking some werid guy lerking in some wild and far area, do you scare of the faraway wild area ever since then ? Do do not leave the civilization for too far and don’t do to some places even without cellphone signal.

So enjoy your outdoor life in the wild green area.

Bring Green Tips with You Through Ipod Green Podcast

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Green Podcast for happy green tips

This “Podcast” thing in itune is amazing. I should say Ipod is so powerful in those additional benifits offered. Beyond listening to music and have a great and ordered management through the Itune, I can also receive cover flow and amazing Podcast program. That’s fantastic.

Someone may hate the itune sofeware offered by iPod, but I like it very much and find it very powerful and practical. Recently I’m starting to use the Podcast function that can helps you make contact to the most danamic engligh sound everyday and anytime anywhere. There so so many free podcast resource, and I chose many intersting ones like the MTV news, the HBO film interview and green tips related podcast that give me ideas about how to living more green and healthy life.

It will be updated very often and I can’t find any other music portable gadadgets in the market that can do a parallel job as iPod did. For someone who wants to improve Engligh and love English songs, iPod is a perfect choice for me.

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