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ipod Nano 4th Use Green & Recyclable Material

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ipod nano 4th generation

I bought my iPod nano 4th generation last saturday for an impulse. I have an apple mini 3 years ago, and its battery is not working, since I got this apple complex, so I choose it again for a price that I could accept. “Apple touch” have more functions that is more suitable for western users, not very practical in China, where you can not even have an itune store account for download anything.

Now, after two days playing with it, I got my own thoughts about it for anyone who want to learn something about this new edition of Apple nano:

Love it for:

1. Its industrial design, no best words could descibe its excellence in this point.

2. Its material said to be recyclable and green, so a nice choice for green life followers.

3. So thin and so portable to bring it with you anywhere, anytime.

4. Simple design with powerful functions, I quite like the cover flow function, and each song going with amazing album covers which could easily got from the itune account.Free and very fun doing this.

5. Just a little shake around, it could change a song for you, surprise :)

6. Genuis funcition, more practical for those with thousands of songs in the computer but too lazy to got them all listened. It may pick songs according to your flavor.

Even though in China, one can not register for an itune account, but I manage to get one, there is always solution.

Hate it for:

Earphone quality and Music quality just being so-so, can’t please to those picky ears, and those who are real music geeks. But to me, maybe change a earphone would be better enough.

Above it all, apple nano is incomplete but unique. With apple, you may feel very happy playing with music, not just listening to them.

How to Clean Out the Toxic in Your Body

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clean out the toxic in your body

We are now living in a toxic world, with food safety problem always poping out, with car gas release everywhere, anytime, with green trees frequently been replaced by cold buildings, with chemical made products coming in our daily life, with …….

What we can do is to limit the harm, reduce the intake of the toxic elements into our body, and find a better way to clean them out.

1, The best way is to keep a good sleeping habit. Sleeping is a process of toxic expelling and do it naturally by your body. 11pm is said to be the fit time to get to bed in the darm room.

2, Eat more green vegetalbe and various fruits, whether it’s oganic or not, it still can helps you clean out some toxic out.

3, Drink enough water, so it helps your body takes out more bad trash.

4, Being in the green nature more, that’s where you can breath the fresh air. Raise some plants in your home or surroudings.

5, Use your car less, do something to protect our envionment.

Storming Wind Has Blown Down Green Trees Last Night

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big wind blown down trees

Storming weather occur very often in summer time, that’s not something worth making a fuss about. But recent years, partly dur to the global warming,  werid weather conditions frequently surprise us, not to mention those disaster cases such as the davastating snow in China in 2008, the horrible water in America still in 2008….and one would never forget the big sichuan earthquake that makes the whole world notice. What would be anticipated 2009 ? :(

Last night, there was a terribly big stormy weather coming in 8pm, the wind is so big and werid, and the green trees in our surroundings been blown down, quite pathetic. I have never seen such a crazy wind in several years, and it’s said it’s only for a start, the summer time is still long long ahead in Nanjing.

Maybe we should limit the gas release to the air, and live simple life, waste less.

Those Fallen Flowers Lost in Melancholy Rain

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fallen flower after rain

Here it comes, the rainy season. Unpredictable rain drops down and umbrella is necessity just like in London. What drive me crazy is that the rain always comes down in bucket, maybe it’s because of the summer, since summer rain is stormy and more larger.

Our situation is quite better, compared to those areas with flood or some other potential dangers in the news. Lucky we live in a good city with good Fengshui.

So after every rain, there must be some flowers fallen in the garden or in the outdoor somewhere. They made a sad picture to the women with sad feelings. These days, the overcast day has made us in Melancholy :( . Oh how I love the sound of this word, Melancholy. It’s an attractive temprament, but in fact, it’s not good for health.

Protect your flowers in the garden, and adjust you mood too.

Flowers needs sunshine, Life needs sunshine, we needs vigor. Let the rainy season pass quickly.

Purchasing House for Green Surroundings or Geography

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green surroudings purchasing house

If the surrounding and geography both meet our demand, the house got green environment, fresh air, low noise and the geography is also very fine, then it can’t be better. But the reality is “fish and bear paw” can’t be gained at the same time.

If you happen to find a house like this, then its price would be freek you out, unless you are one of very rich peoples who spend money like paper.

So, for the sake of my health, I choose surroundings and the green area, others, I bear. I could bear spending more time on the road to work, or shopping less and less since I live too far away from the downtown. That’s no totally bad, it helps me save. Remember to pay attention to the property management since you do want the plants the landscaping been cared for in your neighborhoods.

Don’t rely too much on the subway. Believe me, a terribly jamed subway on the rush hours maybe more worse than you thought.

Your Pet also Needs to Go Green

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do go green

You figure you are going green in every possible way? Maybe, but check your pet, is it also living a eco life and produce less harmful things to the surroundings? If not, do something to change its bad habit.

1. Start from organic food, which is good for health yet more good for environment.

2. Cultivate a good pee habit from early on, in case it run out of your control in a public garden area or some clean outdoor area. Remember what the fox said in “the little prince”: Tame, that’s the aim for your dog.

3, Stop bought it unnessesary clothing just for your own happy feeling, since dog may not feeling very cosy with the shoes or apparel like you thought them would.

Who Cares for the Plants and Landscaping in Your Neighborhoods

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green plants and planters in the neighborhood

I figure not everyone are rich enough to live in some luxury neighborhood with plenty of green views and professional 24 hours property management.

Ordinary people living in some ordinary neighborhood and the people living there are not getting along well with the property management department or even don’t have one.

The case is often like this: a bunch of people may refuse to pay the property management fee according to different reasons, just listing a few: The house is rent, not theirs. Their bicyles are often being stolen. They just don’t care if the green plants in this area is dying or not. They don’t think they are receiving any services from the property dept.

On the other hand, the property dept. also going in vicious circle, they don’t receive enough money to get wages paid, so they don’t attend to the green plants, pay no attention to the safety of the transportation vehicles……..

So, what I want to say is that, the plants and planter in our neiborhoods are so lucky to get someone to attend to, even though I haven’t got around to pay my property fees.

Happy Fruits from Orange Planting

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happy fruits from orange tree planting

That’s a quite an pleasant feeling when you see your orang trees plants are ripe. Look at those cute orange fruits, with nice color. Those happy fruits also have good representation according to chinese culture. So a very nice decoration in your home desk as well as a great fruit snack, totally nature, free of any harmful pesticide.

It’s a great looking plants choice you would like to choose to grow in your home, and it’s also vey interesting and easy to grow.Those little orange fruits can bring you happiness smile :)

Bicycle + Garden Plants = Going Green

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bike and plants life go green

Global warming seems to be extending its evil claw to our daily life. Today I even heard the terrible news from newspaper that one polar bear is swimming to death since it can’t find a complete land after several hours trying. Sounds horrible.

Going green seems to be the only solution to the problem of Global warming. To go green we ” the Humans” need to change our habits. Using bicycle to commute instead of polluting through energy consuming vehicles along with growing as many plants as possible can make a great difference to save this planet!

Don’t just blame, do something. Using bicycles can also has the bonus effect of loosing weight and good to health. Growing plants also can make our living enviroment better and nicer. So why not?

Play Your Green Plants Like a Piece of Art

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green plants decor

Home decor does requires inspirations and artistic creation. Simply the display of green plants in some corner of your room is not as easily as you thought.

Play your green plants like  a piece of art, they may achieve the effect of bringing the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes. Your room would have much live spirits with them.

1, First care about the plant breed you are choosing. Not all kinds of plants got that artistic look you are looking for.

2, Fitting in the surrounding colors. Capture their beauty by taking shots of you with them.

3, Learn how to grow each of them well by seaching info on the net, you don’t want to lose them in short time.

Whether it’s at home or your office, keeping plants is fun.

Standing High to Enjoy Green Mountain View

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standing on higher ground

I was feeling quite upset by life’s trivals recently, added that the work pressure is heavier than ever. Sometimes it made me hard to breath, I gotta run away for a short time, to let it go.

My sentimental feeling was killing me, mom encourage me to look at the brighter side and she sees nothing serious for me to be upset about. What I need is to close to nature to relieve the stress a little bit, the big city got so fast living rythem and it’s been a while that I haven’t climbed mountains and do the real outdoor green adventure thing.

Climb the mountains, standing high to see better view and broaden your mind. Just like the following  lyric goes like:

Standing on higher ground,
I see the world, And I’m looking from a high place,Way above it all,
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air, While they’re running in a rat race,Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

Keep Plants in Your Office

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keeping some kind of nice plants in your office desk is a great idea to make you feeling better every working day.  Question is: Can you keep them alive ? I’v tried for several kinds of plants, but failed after short monthes.

The dead list even includes a Cactus, which is one of those plants with strong will and living capacity.

So the tips for you would be like this based on the experiece I got with the green plants.

1, Choose the kind of plants that are not so delicate and fragile.
2, The green plants must be fond of shade enviroment, not sun type.
3, Avoid flowers type, since they may be kind of trouble to keep fresh and live.
4, Water regularly and with appropriately.
5, Don’t let the air condition directly blow it.

Maybe you got something to add here.

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